Fruit Flies

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?


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Gloria  •  Friday, 27 July 2018 10:02

First of all, it is never clear where they come from. Second of all, you need to use a whole system of various means and methods. You don’t want to leave right next to a bunch of fruit flies, do you? They breed too fast, but they bring the main damage indoors to fruit and outdoors to fruit plantations.

Often people can’t tell fruit and drain flies or other flying insects apart. Some even believe that these are all the same bugs. In fact, there is a huge difference between them in their danger, their habitat, and speed of breeding and favorite meals of these creatures.

Fruit flies lay their larvae on a nutritious spot. Most often this is some sweet produce, such as fruit, vegetables or sweet cheese. Most of all they admire citrus fruit. Lately, the scientists have discovered that this is the place where the main assassins of the flies, riding wasps, can’t reach their eggs. The larvae dig their way across their sweet habitat and become adult species within 10 days. Before that they are very hard to notice as the eggs and the larvae meld with the color of the fruit. You can only see white “seeds” of 0.5 mm in diameter in the very beginning of the breeding process.

It is due to such invisibility, people bring such nest home more and more often right from the grocery store, where the eggs are laid on the apples, mushrooms, oranges, and pears. They hatch and then the larvae breed at your place, as The Official Website of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ authors claim.