Mosquito trap is a mosquito catcher which either instantly electrocutes mosquitoes (this is the case of the UV traps) or locks them up inside until they die of dehydration. Such traps as the following ones are considered to be the latter:

  • Natural homemade mosquito traps (mosquitoes are attracted by the light or CO2);

  • Heat traps (heat is the main bait);

  • H2O traps (still water is the main bait);

  • CO2 traps (the blood-sucking insects are attracted by the gas thinking that it is exuded by a person);

  • Propane traps (they use a combination of different traps).

Some of the ready-to-use traps can be used at home, and some of them are for outside use only. Some traps are affordable, while others are premium-priced. To learn which trap will be just right for your mosquito infestation, check out our Best Mosquito Traps Review”.