Mosquito traps are smart devices which attract mosquitoes with the same features a human being would. Therefore, each trap has its own set of attractants including CO2 (which is emitted when you exhale), heat (as in human body heat) as well as the sources of light and water. As a rule the most expensive traps (such as propane mosquito traps) have the entire set of bait and the most cut-rate ones (which are homemade) can attract mosquitoes either with light or with CO2 exuded.

Once a mosquito approaches the trap, it will be sucked into a special compartment where it dies of dehydration or out of which it can’t literally get out (this is the case of some DIY traps) and dies of the same reason. In order to get rid of mosquitoes, you don’t necessarily have to spend much time looking for the right trap as we have already picked the best ready-to-use items in our review which you can read here.