Malaria is carried by the Anopheles mosquitoes which can be encountered all over the world, except for Antarctica and some extremely cold regions. The ability to recognize the Anopheles mosquitoes, which carry malaria, can help protect your health. They have one striking feature that makes them different from ordinary mosquitoes:

  • Ordinary mosquitoes sit straight while the ones carrying malaria lower their heads and raise their behinds. This happens because their rear legs are much longer than front ones.

Moreover, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that that their antennae near the mouthparts are of the same length as their proboscis (stinger) while the normal mosquitoes’ antennae are short.

Remember that there is no vaccination against malaria! To hedge before traveling to tropical countries, where the risk of malaria mosquito bite is greatly increased, bring clothes covering much skin along as well as DEET repellents. We have named the most effective ones in our review of the 14 best mosquito repellents which will give you a wide choice of products.