To catch a mosquito, think like one.”

There exist many types of mosquito traps, such as propane, CO2, water, heat and light, and even homemade ones. In order to attract the mosquitoes, the trap should resemble their favorite treat i.e. human as much as possible and simulate its life processes, namely:

  • It should radiate warmth and smell like a human;

  • It’s supposed to emit CO2 like a breathing human would.

Mosquitoes are also attracted by the sources of water and light. It makes sense that the more the trap resembles a human being, the greater the catch will be. Thus, propane mosquito traps are considered to be the most effective ones as certain models have all of the above listed human characteristics and can catch up to 21 thousand mosquitoes per day (this is the case of the Mosquito Magnet Propane Trap). However, not all types of mosquitoes have a competitive edge over others. Propane ones are very effective but they are designed for outdoor use only. That’s why indoor trap models are also quite popular today. Study all of the options available with the help of our Best Mosquito Traps Review.