It isn’t hard to survive a mosquito season (which usually lasts from May to September) if you know how to control mosquitoes effectively. In fact, you have two options: you can either kill or repel mosquitoes. If you attempt to realize the former idea, then it will be easier (but costlier) to invest into ready-to-use control products which will electrocute the mosquitoes, poison them or trap them to death. You can also make your own mosquito trap which will serve as a reasonably-priced alternative.

You can repel the mosquitoes with a help of a variety of inexpensive personal and group repellents for camping, indoor or backyard use. You don’t necessarily have to use synthetic ones as there are mild organic herbal products appropriate for child use or for adults with sensitive skin.

If you still haven’t chosen the best mosquito control method for yourself, you’ll be able to find it in our detailed guide to the 7 Tried and True Ways of Getting Rid of Mosquitoes.