Despite the fact that the mosquitoes are most attracted by the CO2 which we exhale as well as heat and natural body smell, they are also attracted by clothes of certain colors. It turns out that wearing dark or bright clothes serves as a powerful signal for mosquitoes. That’s why we recommend you to wear pale clothing (preferably white or beige) when you go to the woods or simply for a walk. Not only your clothes, but your perfume also matters. Ideally, you shouldn’t wear any sweet or flowery scents when it’s hot as it also attracts the blood-sucking insects.

These moderate restrictions will protect you from too many bites, but this isn’t enough for full control over the mosquitoes. Read our 7 Tried and True Ways of Getting Rid of Mosquitoes guide to learn what else attracts mosquitoes and how to survive during a mosquito activity season with the least trouble!