Patio is a great spot for relaxing and chilling with your friends, so it is very unpleasant if your leisure is interrupted by the mosquitoes’ squeaking and bites. We’re positive that mosquitoes have spoiled lots of patio parties! In order to get rid of these blood-sucking insects, make sure first that you don’t unintentionally help their breeding, as any liquid left in glasses on the table or other stagnant waters attract mosquitoes very much! After eliminating the sources of water, it’ll be enough for you to use mosquito nets as well as organic herbal candle and stick repellents (citronella and lemongrass-based ones are most popular).

Let us warn you that the manufacturers offer a wide variety of plant-based products nowadays, and they claim everything to have repelling properties. Do use only proven products and ways of organic protection against mosquitoes, such as the ones listed in our article about the Best Mosquito Repelling Plants & Plant-based Products.