In order to keep the mosquitoes away, you only have to follow two very important rules: use preventive measures and pick a proper mosquito repellent.

It’s far easier to avoid the infestation of mosquitoes at your place and house than to try to get rid of thousands of these blood-sucking insects. Such preventive measures include the removal of any sources of still water in your backyard (bird drinkers, water tanks, watering cans, etc.) as well as timely mowing of the lawn and other measures. Remember that mosquitoes are also attracted by our clothes and perfume: they’re drawn to people dressed in dark or bright clothes, who use sweet or flowery fragrances. If you don’t want to attract them anymore, wear light-colored clothes and refrain from using perfumes.

Use mosquito repellents to maximize protection and keep mosquitoes away most effectively. There are a lot of different types of these repellents. Apart from the personal ones (sprays, lotions, bands, etc.), there are organic products for group use (repellent sticks and candles), as well as synthetic repellents for treating the yards and gardens. Thus, even if you suffer from an allergy, several alternative options for repelling mosquitoes at home or in the backyard are always available. There are also special kids and pets’ repellent. If you spend much time resting in the woods or near a water source, invest in repelling clothes to protect yourself from mosquitoes. They will also be handy if you work outside a lot.

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