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Voltage of Flowtron 80D Electronic Bug Zapper As I live in Australia, I'm interested to know what voltage the Flowtron Electronic Bug Zapper runs on. We run mainly on 240 volts in Australia. Thanks.
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Author: Jaclyn Bourke
25.09.2017 06:24
How to Get Rid of Mosquito?
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Author: Monica
22.03.2017 11:04
How do people catch lice?
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Author: Andy
26.09.2016 14:07
How do electronic rat traps work?
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Author: Worker
05.02.2016 11:02
What is the best bait for rat traps?
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Author: C Jay
24.01.2016 17:45
What is the best food to put on rat traps?
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Author: Mrs Brook
20.01.2016 21:21
Why are my rat traps not working?
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Author: Lee
12.01.2016 17:16
Where is the best place to put rat traps?
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10.01.2016 21:40
What is a natural mosquito trap?
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Author: Angel
03.01.2016 23:11
How to trap a mosquito in your room?
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Author: Catcher
03.01.2016 16:19
How to get rid of mosquitoes’ bites?
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Author: April
03.01.2016 13:25
What keeps mosquitoes away?
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Author: Vazz
02.01.2016 21:17
What is the best indoor mosquito trap?
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Author: P Parker
02.01.2016 11:52
How long do mosquitoes’ bites itch?
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Author: Brockovich
02.01.2016 11:48
Which mosquito trap is best?
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Author: Beam
02.01.2016 07:51
Where to place a mosquito trap?
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Author: Jerry
01.01.2016 22:48
What is a mosquito trap?
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01.01.2016 22:03
Which mosquito trap works best?
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Author: Barrymore
01.01.2016 15:50
Who makes the best mosquito trap?
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Author: William
31.12.2015 18:51
Which mosquitoes carry malaria?
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Author: D Stewart
31.12.2015 12:03
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