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We have been suffering from pests for a long time. We studied all sites on Internet, asked our friends and people on forums. We tried many methods, some of them worked, others not. Don't let go - very sure success method for us. Now we have a lot of useful information about Pest Control. But we go on and gather information.

Our Guides are based on scientific researches and opinions biologists. During our investigation for example, we found out that ultrasonic repellers don’t work against mosquitoes. It’s bad for manufactures of such units. But the fundamental issue for us is the Truth. We try hard to provide you with trustworthy and useful information that help you get rid of your problem.

Now we are ready to share our knowledge with you! We hope it will help you!

As you know getting rid of home pests and insects is a difficult task which requires a complex approach. To eliminate this problem it is necessary to understand entirely what methods of struggle (traps, baits, electronic and natural repellents, poisons, the help of specialists) must be used to get rid of rats, mice, moles, gophers, squirrels, raccoons, bed bugs, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, flies, bees or ants.

There are lots of market products available. How to understand and choose the most effective remedy? What is worth buying? Read our Reviews and you’ll get rid of pests fast and efficiently.

Why is useful for you?

  1. has investigated the market as well as users feedback and chosen the best and the most efficient products based on customer testimonials. And as a result we’ve made the independent reviews of ways to struggle against insects and rodents.
  2. Even if you are allergic or have young children whose health you are worrying about, you may be sure that there are a lot of quite safe ways and products. If you prefer only natural ways of getting rid of pests we found out a lot of such things.
  3. Have you still used old-fashioned snap rat traps? We shall tell you about the up-to-date electronic repellents and traps that are capable to make your life comfortable. These devices are safe, more than that, they are universal because they fight several kinds of insects and rodents simultaneously.  
  4. The complete guidelines help you to choose the most effective way of struggle as well as inform you about important features of animal behavior and habits, the opinions of trustworthy researchers, and give you useful tips, everything in order to make you completely ready to struggle against cunning Squirrels, Raccoons, Roaches, Mosquitoes, Termites, Wasps, Drain flies, Fruit flies, Fire Ants, Moles & Gophers.

Your opinion is very important for us! We shall be thankful if you share your experience with other readers of our site that have been suffering from pests till now. Tell us about your experience of struggle against pests in commentaries or F.A.Q.

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