Top 5 Tips About How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

Killing the ants is not the main target rather colony destroying is main target. Different casts are present inside the colony. Reproductive casts include the king and queen while the non-reproductive casts include the solider and worker ants. Following are the top 5 tips by which you can reduce the number of ants in some area.

1. Hot water treatment

hot water treatmentHot water treatment is a very good home based remedy. There are two basic advantages of applying the hot water. First is that it destroys some weeds and their seeds. Secondly, it also damages some of other arthropods and their eggs near the location of application.

Before the hot water treatment, you have to locate the colony. Every colony has a different location and elimination should be done after locating the entry point of ants. Application with the help of funnel is good otherwise; the water will tend to scatter. Whenever you see sugar ants in house, you can apply this method in a very quick way.

2. Borax treatment

borax treatmentBorax treatment is done in many ways. Some of the best ways will be discussed. In one method, you can mix the sugar ants borax with some palatable material. You have to test first that which material is preferred by ants. For this testing, make a test with a plate having all the palatable ingredients. The ants are usually more attracted to peanut butter and honey.

After deciding the palatable agent, you can mix the borax with that agent. Suppose your ants are more attracted by the honey so you should prefer to use honey for killing these ants. Mix some borax in it and apply it on some small pieces of cardboard. The mixture can kill the complete colony because the workers take that material to their living place. Borax mixture is mainly used as a stomach poison that affects the nervous system of insect.

3. Diatomaceous earth

diatomaceous earthYou can also use the diatomaceous earth for getting some control over the sugar ants. The sugar ants are usually much sensitive to any application that renders them of the body moisture content. You should prefer to use the dust formulation.

It is better to apply this formulation during the night because most of the species are nocturnal. These types of species invade at night and leave the place by morning. Therefore, all the control options should be used at night when the insect population is building up in your house.

4. Lemon juice and peel

lemon juice repels antsIf you are willing towards killing sugar ants, you can use this method. It has two main effects. First, is that it kills the main population through its acidic nature. Secondly, it acts as the deterrent against many insect species. You can use it as a spray application for killing or repelling the insects.

If you are using the lemon peel, you have to remember that the lemon peel has a very active ingredient limonene. This active chemical tends to decrease the population of ants inside and outside the colony. You can also make the paste of lemon peel and apply on that location. Active limonene sprays are also available in different formulations.

5. Use of Powdered Formulations

powder chemical remedies against antsPermethrin and Cypermethrin are available in different powdered formulations so it is better to use these chemicals in low concentration. One% permethrin is enough for destroying the colony ants invading your house. The powder should be applied in the corners or railings of your house. Some ants are killed by the contact action while the others carry it to the colony. In this method, the colony queen is also affected by the concentration.

Chemigation is also a good method. In this procedure, we apply the irrigation with the chemical. The main effect of this method is on the queen that has a greater fecundity. You can use this method to kill other insects as well. Be sure to add recommended dose of insecticide.

Hence, it can be concluded that the sugar ants can be controlled by the use of chemicals and other methods. You can prevent sugar ants bite by controlling them. It should be remembered that the economic threshold level of the household insects is always zero. Therefore, any control measure should be applied depending on the invasion of that insect.

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