How To Get Rid Of Crazy Ants Easily

How Do These Ants Look Like?

  1. The raspberry crazy ants are hardly half an inch in size and thus are smaller than most of the other ant species.
  2. This ant generally has brownish hair on its body which gives it brownish to yellowish look hence sometimes called as yellow crazy ant.
  3. These ants tend to live in warm and moist places. Their colonies can be widely seen under stones, bricks or even under electrical appliances in homes.

What Do These Ants Feed Upon?

yellow crazy antThe yellow crazy ant is kind of an omnivorous organism since it feeds on both plant and animal materials. It uses small insects and plant litter as its food. The tawny crazy ants are known as invasive insect species since these ants have replaced many of the local ant species in Argentine and US.

Special Affinity of Crazy Ants For Electrical Appliances – Why So?

The caribberan crazy ants have been known to have special affinity for electrical appliances. Research studies have shown that it is due to the magnetic field around these appliances which attracts these ants towards it. These ants are found equally abundant in rural and urban areas. The caribberan crazy ants have also been identified as casual agent of major diseases in livestock and wild animals.

The Case of Crazy Ants vs Fire Ants

The case of crazy ants vs fire ants is rather interesting. Fire ants are known as predators of crazy ants. Fire ants tend to attack crazy ants and infect them with a poison. But crazy ants have got a special characteristic of secreting formic acid around their bodies. This acid nullifies the effect of the fire ant poison and thus the ant survives despite of fire ant attack.

How To Get Rid Of Crazy Ants?

organic ants killerWhile answering the question, ‘how to get rid of crazy ants’, it is important to know that these crazy ants aren’t easy to be killed or pushed out of your home. They don’t fall trapped to ordinary baits, they can’t be killed with ordinary insecticides and they don’t feel the pressure of high temperature of high pressure. Thus, the answer to, ‘how to get rid of crazy ants’ starts with some unique methods for killing crazy ants.


  • To start with, it is important to know that the major point of entry for these insects is your kitchen. Block all the cracks you see to prevent their entry into your kitchen.
  • Second, do not leave any bag of flour, sugar or other such material near floor. These ants have high affinity for sweet material and they tend to invade any such resource.
  • Third, try using organic insecticide instead of conventional insecticide for killing crazy ants. There are many such approved insecticides.
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