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Top 8 Child-Friendly Safe Mosquito Repellents for Babies and Kids under $12

The main problem is that mosquitoes can irritate your baby as much as they irritate you, but the child won’t be able to deal with them on his or her own or tell you about the bites. Older kids are more independent, but they still need protection.

Which Mosquito Repellent Will Suit Your Kid?

In order to choose the most suitable baby mosquito repellent, you should:

  • Consider the baby’s age;
  • Have a medical examination conducted on your baby to identify possible breathing or allergic reactions to different repellents;
  • Consider taking precautionary measures in addition to the use of mosquito repellents to reduce the negative side effects of such repellents.

We’ll help you learn about the whole variety of child-friendly mosquito repellents. We have already examined all of the best repellents for kids of all ages and have drawn up our own list of the best products.

Mosquito Repellents for Babies under 12 Months and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers are contraindicated to come in contact with the chemicals. That is why you should choose 100% safe products for repelling mosquitoes. You should start with using mosquito netting such as Mosquito Net for Strollers, which ideally should become an integral part of your promenades with the baby during mosquito season. The users rate it highly for its versatility, guaranteed protection.

Jeep Stroller and Carrier Netting: photo

California Baby Natural Bug Blend (Travel)

baby & kid mosquito repellent: photo

This is the most popular bug spray for babies according to the sales statistics. This all-natural remedy contains citronella, lemongrass and cedar essentials oils. Despite its effectiveness and high customer rating, the manufacturer doesn’t advise using California Baby Natural Bug Blend for babies under 6 months without doctor’s prescription since spraying essential oils may not be safe for them. According to the feedback, you can easily use it with your 6-7-month-olds, and as a protective measure of older kids. Many users love the size of bottle which can easily be taken along when travelling and the nice smell of the blend.

Price:  Check the current price

#1 Organic Bug Repellent, Certified Organic by USDA, Kid Safe, OUTDOOR use, Long Lasting, DEET Free, No synthetic chemicals, No Alcohol, Cruelty Free, No animal tested, Made in USA, 4 fl.oz

mosquito spray repellent for babies: photo

This is another organic product which is made in the USA and 60% of it consists of extracts of castor, lemongrass, cedar, rosemary, geranium, citronella, peppermint, and lavender organic essential oils. The other 40% is water. This product is suitable for those who take care of their kid’s skin, since natural oils not only serve as bio repellents, but they also enrich the skin with nutritious elements. The manufacturer claims that Organic Bug Repellent is suitable for babies, kids, pregnant women, and seniors, i.e. anyone who avoids artificial chemicals. Unlike the previous spray, this one has no age restrictions for use. The customers are warned that they’ll have to apply the product directly on a kid’s skin avoiding contact with the palms (as kids often rub their eyes with their hands later on).

Price: Check the current price

RiptGear Mosquito Bracelet – Natural Repellent with Citronella Oil. Extra Safe, No Deet

anti-mosquito bracelets for babies & kids: photo

These mosquito repellent wristbands can be worn even by the babies as the soft hypoallergenic fabric of which the band is made and the lemon and citronella extract treatment are utterly safe for them. RiptGear Mosquito Bracelet will act for up to 7 days after the package is opened, and since it comes in packs of 15 bands of different colors, you’re guaranteed to be provided with three weeks of solid protection.

Tip: if you put a band into a zip-lock bag, it can be stored for short-term without losing its effectiveness.

Even if your kid is a real fidgeter, he or she won’t be able to take off or lose the band because of a robust adjustable latch. You can also hang it on the cradle, stroller/pram or put it near the kid’s playing area, as the band has a 1 cubic meter (3 ft in any direction) protection area.

Price: Check the current price

As an alternative you can buy Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker. This repellent can be stuck near the kid’s mattress, on their hat or anywhere convenient. The action of this sticker lasts for 48 hours. It also contains the same ingredients, lemon and citronella. The price for one pack is only; Check current price.


Although, we have presented the safest products for babies to you, you can’t ever rule out the probability of allergy to the organic components. When any allergies appear, stop using the product and switch to 100% hypoallergenic devices, mosquito zappers, as an alternative to any kids’ repellents.

Kids’ Mosquito Repellents

If the kids have grown up a bit, you can buy stronger repellents. However, mind that the kids’ skin is sensitive at any age and that strong chemicals are unsuitable for it. Keep the sprays away from children and spray their skin yourself as the kids can harm themselves!

Cutter Skinsations Insect Repellent Pump Spray 7-Percent DEET,

Cutter Insect Repellent for adults and kids: photo

This popular spray contains 7% of DEET which is a very low percentage in comparison with many other chemical aerosols. The chemicals are offset by the fact that the product also contains aloe and vitamin E, that’s why the spray can be used for kids’ protection. The spray should feel gentle to the skin, if you feel a burning sensation, it means that the skin is too sensitive and you should pick a softer repellent for babies.

Price: Check the current price

Cliganic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet For Kids, Adults

Who said that repellent bands are for babies only? These colorful springs are loved by both kids and adults and as they can be used by kids of 3 years and older (under parent supervision). You are already familiar with the Mosquito Repellent Bracelets active ingredients, which are lavender, eucalyptus, citronella and peppermint oils. The manufacturer claims that the mosquitoes won’t approach the bracelet (and consequently, the kid) earlier than after 250 of putting it on. This “invisible shield” is water resistant and can be worn either around the wrist or the ankle. Once the bracelet stops working, give a new one to the kid, as they come in packs of 24.

Price: Check the current price

Also read our guide to choosing the best mosquito repellent

Buggybands Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Natural DEET FREE Insect Repellent Bands

This is another natural repellent wristband. These bands are as bright as a rainbow, and a stylish accessory. No one will know that this jewelry can even repel mosquitoes. Made from high-quality EVA material. Suitable for many occasions. It works on the go, camping, hiking, gardening, fishing, hunting, swimming (WATERPROOF), traveling and even weddings. without worrying about pesky mosquito bites. Always fashionable and extremely comfortable to wear on your hair, wrist or ankle.

Price:   Check the current price

SALLYE ANDER No-Bite-Me Natural Bug & Insect Repellent & Anti Itch Cream

Already got some bug bites? Try this highly rated repellent and soothing cream.

No-Bite-Me, keeps bugs away naturally. It’s an anti-itch cream, and a repellent. Other creams make you choose between repelling bugs and treating uncomfortable bug bites, but No-Bite-Me prevents and repairs bug-bombed skin. Effective on black flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.It’s proprietary blend of 16 essential oils, including cedar, mint, rosemary, and lemongrass, create the strong minty and herbaceous scent that helps keep bugs at bay for up to 4 hour. Check current price.

Keeping our kids safe.

Pay special attention to the fact that the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using a repellent for babies under 6 months, it’s very important! If you ever doubt using any product, consult a pediatrician.

The experts also recommend you to pay more attention to taking the following protective measures while using children repellents:

  • Dress your kid in loose-fitting long sleeve clothing.
  • Avoid spending much time outdoors from the evening to early morning hours to minimize the risk of exposing your kid to mosquito bites.

Best Baby Mosquito Repellents Comparison Chart

Product Type of Repellent Active Ingredients Price
Mosquito Netting

Mosquito Net for Stroller. Check Current Price. 
California Baby Natural Bug Blend

 Natural Spray. Cedar,Lemongrass,Citronella oils. Check Current Price.

 #1 Organic Bug Repellent, Certified Organic by USDA

 Natural Spray. Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Citronella Oil, Cedar Oil, Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil. Check Current Price.  
RiptGear Mosquito Bracelet

RiptGear Mosquito Bracelet: photo

 Repellent Bracelet. Citronella extracts. Check Current Price.

 Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker

  Repellent Stickers.  Citronella extracts. Check Current Price.

 Cutter 54010 Skinsations Insect Repellent

Cutter 54010 Skinsations Insect Repellent min: photo

DEET Spray.  7% DEET. Check Current Price.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet For Kids, Adults

Repellent Bracelet. Geraniol Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil. Check Current Price.

 Original Kinven® Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

Repellent Bracelet. Geraniol Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Citronella Oil. Check Current Price.

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21 thoughts on “Top 8 Child-Friendly Safe Mosquito Repellents for Babies and Kids under $12”

  1. What an informative article. But as for me, I believe that when it comes to kids, everything is very individual. You just can’t know which baby mosquito repellent will suit you. You should consider age, allergies etc.

    1. I absolutely agree that it’s individual. Though my child doesn’t have an allergy and is not a baby, I don’t want to expose him to chemicals. My child is three years old, but I still only buy one bug repellent for babies mentioned here, an Organic Bug Repellent.

      1. I certainly don’t judge you, but why do you think that a spray is safer than the bracelets that have no age restrictions? Even babies can wear them. I think they are an excellent mosquito repellent for babies.

  2. I don’t know which mosquito repellent for infants I could use for my child. Maybe I’d go with the first option that has been tested for years, a mosquito net. My kid has a very sensitive skin and I’m afraid to take this risk and use skin repellents.

    1. Something to consider is spraying the netting with repellent (mild or natural) as a secondary defense. They claim that spraying your house screens will help keep them out of the house as well. Not sure of all these things since we live in a very low mosquito area currently and I’ve had no real reason to test them. I came checking as we are going to traveling and I wanted to see what options were out there.

  3. We can keep on arguing about the effectiveness and safety of all these products forever. Let everyone find their own best mosquito repellent for babies. I personally prefer repellent stickers. I stick them everywhere and so far, they’ve been helpful. I don’t think such treatment could protect kids somewhere in Florida, though

  4. Naturally, I want my child to use only the best and natural products. A mother knows best, and no one else will find a better mosquito repellent for my baby. The organic mosquito repellent that was covered in the article is good for us, but I won’t claim that it’s the best

    1. You know, some miserable moms can’t do anything themselves, to say nothing of being able to protect their child. It’s just common sense to read an article about insect repellent for babies to learn the differences between products, find out which ones are new and maybe pick something for yourself.

    2. Wow, arguable. So, you think we don’t need research or doctors simply because “A mother knows best”?? For me the insect repellent for babies review was useful not only because it contains the comparison of kids’ repellents, but because I’ve found an anti-mosquito bracelet for myself there. I didn’t have a clue such things existed before.

  5. My daughter and I use ArtNaturals Mosquito Repellent Bracelets, and so far, we’re very happy. I don’t think adults can’t use baby mosquito products. We’ve been using it for a short while but so far, it’s all good. Let’s see how long this bracelet will be helpful

  6. West Nile virus can cause febrile illness, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord)

  7. I love these mosquito stickers! Both my husband and my daughter are very allergic to mosquitoes. So far we’ve used these stickers twice, and they’ve proven themselves very helpful in the open air, be it a park promenade or camping near a lake. They stick well and they reduced the number of mosquito bites indeed in comparison with the previous outings.

  8. I bought these mosquito repellent stickers for my two years old daughter who hates regular repellents. We’re planning a vacation in Brasil where there are mosquitoes everywhere. After an experiment it turned out that these stickers are less effective and do not give a 100% result. When we went to a park, two mosquitoes landed on my daughter completely ignoring the sticker. That was it.

  9. I bought a natural mosquito repellent for babies for my daughters who often play softball outside. They like the cute drawings on these stickers. By the way, they stick hard enough. I put them on the back of their shirts and they worked well. There is almost no smell to be felt by humans, by the way, but the mosquitoes are driven crazy.

  10. I hate mosquitoes! But I hate mosquito sprays even more!I feel so sticky after using it, and its smell is so gross, ew. These bug repellent stickers are a different story, they are both effective and smell better than the spray does.

  11. Is there anything else for children other than the stickers? For example, a bugs spray for kids or something similar? Thanks!

    1. Check out the Lizard King Anti Mosquito Bracelet. It is an awesome natural bug repellent for babies. My baby son is wearing it as our area is merely infested with mosquitoes.

  12. I love the mosquito repellent for kids,what would I (or, to be more precise, my kid) do without it.He was always bitten before we started using it, as for some reason the majority of mosquitoes chose him as their victim rather than adults. That’s why he was always itching. After I discovered these stickers and bracelets, everything changed. He has a sound sleep and mosquitoes no longer bother him.

    1. I might as well agree. Mosquito repellents for toddlers are indeed magical! Mosquitoes also kept on biting our infant daughter. We live near a lake, so we always had to invent to many ways to make the blood-suckers leave her alone. We tried everything, we hung nets etc, but all was in vain until we bought a bracelet for her. You have no idea how happy she was when mosquitoes stopped bothering her.

  13. We are going to fly with my wife and my baby on vacation. I would like our baby to be protected from mosquito bites, since there is a whole heap where we go. Tell me, for a child of ten months, what repellent can I choose? And are there any differences in performance between them?

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