cockroaches facts

According to the biological classification, cockroaches belong to Phylum Arthropoda.

Always, there has been a neck to neck competition between insects and human for space and food.

That’s the reason we abundantly observe plenty of insects around us.

The most important cockroaches facts you need to know

Like many other living organisms, cockroaches also have some salient features through which we can identify them easily among many other creeps. Have a look of important facts about this creature:

  • Cockroaches use to be of brown color having pair of wings and 6 hairy legs.
  • Their outer shell is made up of chitin that helps to keep them intact and safe from unfavorable conditions
  • One very important cockroach fact is that cockroaches love to live in damp and humid places. It is the only reason you mostly observe them in kitchens, washrooms and lawns

Do cockroaches bite?

Majority of us may be lucky enough not to have direct interaction with cockroaches. Those who never have to deal with cockroaches may read about "do cockroaches bite?" in this article.

Yes, cockroaches bite as they are omnivores. But this may happen only when there is no food, dumps or garbage around.

Do cockroaches fly?

As cockroaches have pair of strong wings that not only protect them from unfavorable conditions but also help them fly.

So we can say that yes cockroaches can both creep as well as fly.

But cockroaches normally use to creep very fast. Now one more question people may ask: do cockroaches jump as well? Yes, they do up to some extent and it may also depend on the specie of the cockroach.

Are palmetto bugs roaches?

Many people think that palmetto bugs are not cockroaches but this opinion is totally wrong and can be easily exposed by entomologists from all over the world. Palmetto bugs are American cockroaches. Exactly this specie is most frequently called palmetto bug. But American cockroach has many other folk names in addition to the mentioned one, including a water bug, a croton bug and other, which often cause confusion during the process of identification. If you don't want to share your house with these creepers, read our guide on getting rid of palmetto bugs.

Cockroach life cycle

While discussing about the cockroach life cycle we can start from the egg laid by mother cockroach:

  • Cockroaches being oviparous develop outside the female body in eggs but this development further consist of few phases.
  • Egg develops to form a nymph. Nymph is an intermediate stage of development in which cockroaches have all the organs to spend life. They develop wings and reproductive system though they can remain alive being nymph as well.
  • Sometimes, it takes few months otherwise may take years to convert from nymph into a normal cockroach.

how to get rid of cockroaches?

How long do cockroaches live?

Cockroaches have different species so that’s why there is also difference in their development stages. Hence we can say that life span of cockroaches depends on their action of development. Hence, some cockroaches live only for few months while others for years. Regardless, of this fact that how long do cockroaches live; they still look weird even for a second in kitchen or in living room. No one can live with them. In order to get rid of them, one should definitely adopt neat and clean life style.

You should cover the eatables and must have good sewerage system. In case they exceed in number like in summers, one should use insect killer as cockroaches may cause allergy and secondary infections.

Insect killers can be used either in the form of powder, liquid or spray as per your own convenience. You should also be careful while using insecticides as they are not good for the human health. So after using insecticide and killing cockroaches, it is better to wash useable house hold articles.

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