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How To Get Rid Of Springtails | 2022 Beneficial Buyer’s Guide

How to get rid of springtails? The first thing you should understand is that even the most powerful insecticide will be useless if the environment in your home is favorable for these pests. I mean humidity. The only reason why springtails can migrate into the house is excessive moisture there. So by reducing humidity indoors, you will make your house unattractive to these pests. How to achieve this?

Scientists recommend installing dehumidifiers and fans in the kitchen, bathroom, and other moisture-prone spaces. Fans are preferable as they not only keep the excess moisture out but also ventilate the air. Since springtails generally infest the floors, choose an appliance that moves the air along the bottom surface of the room. We believe that XPOWER P-430 1/3 HP Air Mover fits these criteria best.

Where are Springtails found? What Damage Do They Cause?

Springtails live in humid conditions and are considered to be a nuisance pest. The damage they do to plants is insignificant, nor do they bite or pose any health risk to humans.

  • Outdoors. These insects live outdoors, gathering in the moist soil and under bark or under decaying leaves and wood. They can be seen on the surface of stagnant water, in swimming pools or along sidewalks, where they can be an annoyance.

What makes them nuisance pests is that they have the habit of moving to greenhouses, garages, and house basements. This typically happens in summers, when moist weather is replaced by hot temperature and dry weather.

  • Bathrooms. In search of moisture, these insects migrate to houses, which is why they are most common in kitchens and bathrooms where they can find sources of water. Springtails can infest the plants growing indoors when the soil in the pots becomes too moist. In fact, their presence inside the building is a clear sign of dampness and possible leaks somewhere in the pipes.
  • Carpets. Swarming springtails under the carpet or around the drain spoil the aesthetic of your house. As a rule, they do not live long indoors and die within a week. However, new generations may arrive from the yard, which is why you should not let things slide. Keep in mind that while being nuisance pests, springtails are also beneficial insects to the garden as they help to break down insecticides in the soil and decompose organic materials.

What to Use to Get Rid of Springtails?

Since springtails are highly resistant to many insecticides, the best way to avoid the infestation is to take preventive measures. But in some cases, you will have to resort to chemical insecticides to eliminate the critters fast. Now, let’s take a closer look at all available methods.

Preventing Springtails from Infesting Your House and Yard

If your home is infested with springtails, this means that there is excessive moisture and you should focus on finding the source of it. Generally, the root of the problem is excessive yard irrigation or drainage systems that do not function well. When dealing with an insignificant infestation, you can remove the critters by handpicking or vacuuming the areas where they gather. In case of larger infestations, entomologists from the University of Minnesota recommend taking the following steps:

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers for Home,215sqft Small Dehumidifiers for Room,16oz Tank Portable Closet Dehumidifier Removes Humidity Mini Small Dehumidifier for Bathroom Dehumidifier for Bedroom RV Basement

  • Dehumidifiers. Install these appliances in the rooms with an increased level of moisture. Such models as Pro Breeze Dehumidifier are the best option as they are portable and inexpensive, so you can get several such dehumidifiers and place them in several rooms.

Broan-NuTone SPK110 Bluetooth Speaker Ventilation Fan, ENERGY STAR Certified, 110 CFM, 1.0 Sones, White

  • Ventilation. Air out the rooms frequently and use electric fans to enhance ventilation. Since springtails often infest bathrooms, you may get a device like Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust that can be used directly over the shower and is absolutely safe. This device will effectively ventilate your bathroom, clearing both humidity and odors.

XPOWER P-430 Pro 1/3 HP 2000 CFM Centrifugal Air Mover, Carpet Dryer, Floor Fan, Blower, for Water Damage Restoration, Janitorial, Plumbing, Home Use

Another useful appliance is XPOWER P-430 1/3 HP Air Mover which is designed to ventilate floors and carpets, where springtails tend to congregate.

  • Eliminate sources of moisture. Remove wet wood, unnecessary containers with standing water. To get rid of springtails in a swimming pool, just filter the pool or remove the insects manually using a pool skimmer.
  • Do some repair to correct moisture problems, insulate pipes where the leaks can occur.
  • Remove excessive layers of mulch around your house. Make sure that the mulch is not deeper than three inches. Also, remove rotting leaves and other organic litter, prune shrubs so that the soil could be better exposed to sunlight.

Besides, you should water your garden or lawn less frequently and let the soil dry between irrigation sessions. Indoors, do not overwater household plants. Since springtails get inside the house through cracks and openings around windows and doors, caulking them will also help in preventing the infestation.

How to Get Rid of Springtails Using Chemicals?

Delta Gard Granules 20 lb bag

The best insecticides to manage springtails are Pyrethroids, chemicals that can be safely used indoors and around the building. Scientists suggest applying products like Delta Gard containing Bifenthrin, Cyfluthrin and Deltamethrin as active ingredients.

Apply them to the soil around the house, swimming pool, and other infested sites, creating an insecticidal barrier. Indoors, you should better use sprays and aerosols, but in the yard, pesticides in a granular formulation are preferable as they are generally weather-resistant and last longer. Also, opt for residual insecticides as they provide a long-lasting effect and you will not have to apply chemicals too frequently.

According to experts at the University of California, chemical insecticides are the least recommended measure in springtail control. First of all, these insects are a temporary phenomenon at homes and they do no damage to furniture, plants. Nor do they bite people or pets. Whereas chemical insecticides are harmful in themselves and worse still, you will have to make repeated applications to kills these pests.

On top of that, insecticides quite often turn out to be ineffective, while a simple vacuuming can kill more of these critters than any spray. Besides, if the environment inside and outside the house remain favorable for springtails, insecticides will provide only temporary relief. Put it another way, it is not worth it.

TOP-4 Best Products to Get Rid of Springtails

Below, you will find the TOP-4 best products at a price ranging from $40 to $135 that will help you eliminate springtails in the house and in the yard. In this review, you will find insecticides labeled for springtails and available both in granules and liquids. Household appliances, such as dehumidifiers and floor fans, are the best solution to get rid of springtails in your house. Along with finding and repairing any leaks, and caulking and repairing entry points. Such as cracks and damaged trim.

Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

Pro Breeze Dehumidifiers for Home,215sqft Small Dehumidifiers for Room,16oz Tank Portable Closet Dehumidifier Removes Humidity Mini Small Dehumidifier for Bathroom Dehumidifier for Bedroom RV Basement

Your home will not attract springtails if you create an unfavorable environment for them. With this appliance, the level of humidity will drop even in such moisture-prone spaces like the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. Why do I recommend buying this very dehumidifier? While being small in size, the device is powerful enough and can remove about 9 ounces of water on a daily basis.

That said, the appliance is not expensive, so you can buy several items to install in different rooms. Place them close to the sites where springtail activity has been noticed. This dehumidifier is ideal for small rooms of up to 150 square feet, therefore, large spaces will require more than one item.

One of the advantages of this dehumidifier is the convenience of usage. Based on advanced technology, the unit operates quietly and will not disturb you at night. Moreover, it is energy-efficient, so you can use it throughout the day without worrying about energy bills. And finally, the unit is compact and weighs just 2.4 pounds.

I always opt for branded products and this one is produced by a leading manufacturer on the market. Established in 2013, today Pro Breeze is considered to be one of the fastest-growing air treatment brands in Europe. Purchasers like this dehumidifier, with about 70% of the customers giving the product five stars.

Pro Breeze: Check the current price

XPOWER P-430 1/3 HP Air Mover

XPOWER P-430 Pro 1/3 HP 2000 CFM Centrifugal Air Mover, Carpet Dryer, Floor Fan, Blower, for Water Damage Restoration, Janitorial, Plumbing, Home Use

The advantage of this floor fan is that it not only reduces humidity but also ventilates air. Actually, it does exactly what is needed to make the space unlivable for springtails. Apart from ventilating rooms, basements, and sinks, the unit is used for drying floors and carpets, which is where springtails typically congregate.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the fan generates up to 2000 CFM airflow and offers 3 speeds with four-angle drying positions. The unit comprises a housing made from a durable thermoplastic polymer and boasts durable thermal protection. While being powerful, this device is portable and is about 14 inches in length. You can place it anywhere in the house, even in the room without a socket as the product comes with a convenient 20-foot cord.

By the way, XPower is a trusted brand boasting 25 years of successful experience in the industry. The company manufactures and develops innovative devices and provides customer support on a global scale. Customers rate this air mover highly, saying that it is very powerful and useful. “I bought it to speed up the drying time when I shampoo my carpet, but we are finding more and more uses for it,” one of the buyers wrote.

If you do not need so powerful floor fan, you may choose a cheaper 800 CFM Air Mover by the same brand, which is also more lightweight and smaller in size.

XPOWER: Check the current price

Delta Gard Granules 20 lb Bag

Delta Gard Granules 20 lb bag

While electronic equipment is a wise choice for controlling springtails indoors, insecticides will help you to eliminate them in the yard. Use this product to treat mulch, woodpiles, and other moist materials as it easily penetrates damp materials. Its active ingredient is Deltamethrin, a pesticide belonging to synthetic pyrethroids that is recommended by scientists for these pests.

Apply the solution to lawns and as a perimeter treatment. The bag contains 20 pounds of granules, which will be enough for treating 10,000 square feet. Use spreaders or shaker cans to sprinkle them around the infested area. After that, generously water the treated sites so that the granules could better dissolve. This insecticide does not harm plants, nor does it stain concrete foundations, so you can safely apply it anywhere around the yard.

It is noteworthy that almost 80% of the buyers gave 5 out of 5 stars to this insecticide. They say that this is an amazing product that “does wonders” and “kills everything.” One of the buyers suggests this solution for creating a barrier around the swimming pool to protect it from various insects that crawl into it and drown there. This stuff really works.

Delta: Check the current price

Bayer 4031982 Suspend SC Insecticide

Bayer 4031982B Suspend SC 16oz, White

Based on Deltamethrin, this solution is designed to kill 50 species of pests including springtails. This is a concentrate, so you will need to dilute it in water. One pint makes up to 64 gallons of ready-to-use solutions which can be sprayed inside and outside the house.

What I particularly like about Suspend SC is that it works on porous surfaces, whereas many other insecticides are not effective enough when applied to this kind of material. This is important since springtails often infest foundations which are porous. The solution provides a long residue and is effective even in low concentrations.

This product is popular among customers, especially for indoor application as you can safely use around the food preparation area. Spray the sites where you have seen springtails, including carpets. The substance does not stain fabrics, nor does it have an offensive odor.

Bayer: Check the current price


How to get rid of springtails in the soil?
The best way to do that is to keep the soil dry. Once the environment becomes dry, these pests dehydrate and eventually die. However, not every homeowner is willing to tolerate them.

How to eliminate springtails in the bedroom?
The fact that they nest in your bedroom indicates that there is excessive moisture in the room. To remove this problem, regularly vacuum the bedroom and install a dehumidifier, such as Pro Breeze Dehumidifier that is almost noiseless and will not disturb you at night.

Will they go away on their own?
Yes, springtails is a temporary annoyance and you can just wait for several weeks until they disappear.

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  1. Very interesting article. This is the second year that we have found springtails in our ground level master bath. We live in the northern area of Phoenix, AZ where there our indoor relative humidity is less than 30% and granite ground cover outside. We do not have rotting wood or mulch. Last year during May and June, the springtails were with us for about 3-4 weeks and we tried another brand of granules with Zeta-Cypermethrin – .029% Bifenthrin – .115% as the active ingredients outside and a Bifenthrin spray inside. This year we are also using the same granules and Suspend as you recommend both inside and out. The access area for the underside of the tub looks dry. We are now in week 4 and are still seeing about a dozen dead springtails at night time. They are mostly on our window sill and in the never-used tub adjacent to the window. They are occasionally on the shower floor (used daily), toilet and sink. We see some alive in the mornings and vacuum them up. What do you consider as a low humidity level and is there anything you can recommend for our situation?

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