Mosquito Killers: A Comparative Review of the 14 Most Effective Indoor, Electronic, Propane and Natural Killers in 2020

Mosquitoes are perhaps the most annoying pests imaginable: they intrude on our private space in the house and spoil leisure time outdoors. But no matter how common the issue is, there is no easy solution. Now, let’s have a look at what kind of mosquito killers are the most effective and recommended by scientists for use. Below, you will find a step-by-step mosquito killing plan and a comparison table of mosquito killers effectiveness, as well as a review of TOP 14 mosquito killers you can buy on-line.

The National Pesticide Information Center has divided them into two categories: larvicides applied directly to water and targeting mosquitoes at a larvae stage and adulticides used against adult mosquitoes by irrigating plants and various objects.

Table of Contents:

4-STEP Mosquito Killing Plan

Now, are you ready to completely eradicate mosquitoes? If yes, then, you should follow the guidelines below.

Step#1  Kill larvae in their breeding sites

As scientists from the University of Arkansas note, “the largest portion of community mosquito control budgets is devoted to ”. Larvae can be detected more easily since they are concentrated in one site and larvae can be more easily eradicated since they are vulnerable. Nor can they flying away, so, what you need to do is just take advantage of their exposure to various pest control measures.

At the same time, breeding sites heavily contribute to the problem as even one ounce of standing water can support a population of larvae. According to scientists, almost any backyard has at least one breeding site. Therefore, inspect your backyard looking for any object with standing water. Take into account that larvae prefer shallow water not exceeding 24 inches in depth. Use fine dip nets to monitor the presence of larvae in the water feature.

Treat the breeding site with the bacterium B.t.i. (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) killing larvae within a few days. Just drop a required number of pellets in water and that’s it! Or apply insect growth regulators which have a broader spectrum of effect, targeting juvenile mosquitoes as well. Drop IGR granules in the water with this insecticide to break a life cycle of the mosquitoes.

Use organophosphates and surface oils in case the infestation is heavy, but keep in mind that these solutions are more toxic. After that, release mosquito fish or dragonflies which are natural predators. They will not eradicate the entire population of mosquitoes but will keep it low in future. Therefore, this is a good natural solution for the long-term mosquito control and as a preventive measure.

larval mosquito control: photo

Do not confine larva management just to water features. Treat plants, basements and other objects with high humidity. For this purpose, you should better opt for liquids or dusts so that the larvicide can penetrate into all cracks and coat all parts of the plant.

Step #2 Discover sites where adult mosquitoes rest in the daytime

This is their harborage area and lots of these pests can be usually found. In addition, since mosquitoes mostly rest instead of flying in such area, they have turned out to be an easy target. For these two reasons, you will be able to kill more mosquitoes and eradicate their population for a long period — up to several weeks.

What sites should you look for? These are dense brushy vegetation, shrubbery, tall grass, underbrush. Focus on shady areas around the house where there is no or little sunlight. Apply long-lasting, residual insecticides there including bifenthrin, permethrin, and cypermethrin. The most appropriate way of application is irrigation.

Step #3 Do area treatment

Now that you have destroyed future generations of mosquitoes and attacked their breeding and resting sites, some of these pests may have still survived and can be found around the house and inside it. To this end, an area-wide treatment should be implemented.

Choose pyrethroids which have a short-term effect and are less powerful, like resmethrin and natural pyrethrins. As you will indiscriminately apply backyard mosquito killers all around, there is a risk of harming plants and beneficial insects. That is why the insecticides should not be as powerful as those used at the second stage of the mosquito control strategy. More importantly, do not use too much of insecticides at the area-wide treatment. A good option for this purpose is fogging device.

So, when should you do it? A good time for that is the period of their peak activity, that is in the evening. And that is when electronic mosquito killers will come in handy! This will be a great supplementary measure to chemical treatment. Their bright LED lights and baits will attract mosquitoes while electronic grid will kill them with the electric shock. Other types of mosquito killing machines will do the job as well. Units releasing carbon dioxide which mimics human breath will steer mosquitoes to a false target where they will be dehydrated and die.

Step #4 Kill mosquitoes indoors

Even a handful of mosquitoes are able to cause inconvenience, disturb rest and sleep, especially of small children. Then, what should be done? Install electronic mosquito killer bulbs that will lure these pests inside and kill with the electric shock. The preferable location is near the bed or baby crib so that out of two targets a mosquito could choose the most attractive. You can be more proactive and use an electronic swatter killing the insect on contact.

Another unit, an H2O mosquito killer, will come in handy as it is fitted with a reliable attractant but, at the same time, is absolutely safe and natural. If you still rely on insecticides, apply pyrethrin aerosols labeled for the indoor use.

What Mosquito Killers Are There?

We have divided mosquito killers into 4 groups.

  1. The first one includes larvicides targeting mosquitoes at the larval stage. That is when mosquito control is the most effective. At the same time, there are certain restrictions since larvae develop in standing water which should not be contaminated with dangerous chemicals. For this reason, harmless bacteria and insect growth regulators are in demand.
  2. When it comes to adult mosquitoes, more powerful solutions are needed. These are pesticides which have either a short-term or long-term effect. The former is applied during the area-wide treatment while the latter should be used on dense vegetation in shady areas where mosquitoes rest in the middle of the day. And yet, you should not rely on liquids and granules only.
  3. The third group includes electronic mosquito killers designed to lure the pests into electric grids to have them electrocuted there. This option is particularly recommended for using indoors where the number of insects typically is low.
  4. The fourth group comprises mosquito killing machines, such as CO2, propane and water traps which exploit peculiarities of mosquito biology to lure them, capture and dehydrate. In this case, the main attractants are carbon dioxide mimicking human scent and water — a breeding site attracting female mosquitoes which are biting insects, unlike males.

how to kill of mosquitoes: photo

Mosquito Killers Targeting Larvae

Any military planner knows that it is better to defeat the enemy on the doorstep than allowing it to conduct warfare on your territory. This is also true for mosquito control since by eradicating these pests outdoors, you will not have to care about mosquito problem at home.

Your first target is larvae, which location is easy to detect as they mainly thrive in standing waters like ponds, fountains, and all kinds of water bodies and containers. So, if there is no possibility to eliminate the standing water near your house and by doing so eradicate a mosquito breeding site, kill the larvae there. Treat these sites with larvicides and no mature mosquito will flying out of the water, because all of them will be killed at a larvae stage.

Many effective solutions are available for professional pest control operators only, however, some larvicides can be found in retail outlets. Researchers from The University of Georgia suggest applying products containing the biological control agent Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, which is safe, effective, and is commercially available.

Nematodes, other insects, and fish can also do the job, but they can be used to keep numbers of larvae low.

For their complete elimination, you should better consider chemicals. There are several types of larvicides:

  • Insect growth regulators. In the middle of the 20th century, several chemicals mimicking juvenile hormone activity of mosquitoes were discovered. They interfere with the normal process of growth and maturation of mosquitoes and break the biological life cycle. Scientists from the University of Florida single out products containing methoprene, a biopesticide which is not toxic to humans even though ingested and can be applied to drinking water. Methoprene is available in granules and liquids. Although growth regulators do not kill larvae directly, they prevent further infestation as the larvae will never grow into the adult insect. Another compound simulating natural hormones in mosquitoes to disrupt their growth is pyriproxyfen. It contains in many products designed for application inside the house or in the garden. It comes in granules, pellets, and liquids.
  • Microbial larvicides. These bacteria deliver a natural toxin to larvae. The most popular ones are Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) which we have already mentioned above. The bulk of microbial pesticides approved by the EPA contain these bacteria as the active ingredient. According to the scientists, Bacillus thuringiensis is effective on most mosquito species in very diverse habitats. It is also noteworthy that the World Health Organization endorses development of naturally occurring microbes in pest control as an efficient and safe solution. As Andrew Sutherland, advisor in UC Statewide IPM Program, notes, Bacillus thuringiensis affects only larvae of flying insects, therefore, it will not harm predatory insects in the water which are beneficial.

Another type, Bacillus sphaericus, is a spore-forming bacterium toxic to many species of mosquito larvae. To produce an effect, they should be ingested and acts approximately the same way as Bacillus thuringiensis, except for having an additional advantage of a residual effect. Its toxins are related to slow-acting killers, unlike Bacillus thuringiensis, but it is more persistent. As soon as a larva ingests Bacillus sphaericus, the bacterium is partially digested and pro-toxins are released. The latter attach to the gut wall, slowly disrupting it. Various studies show that it takes from several hours to three days for the larvae to die after the bacteria was ingested. Both bacteria are available in granules, pellets, and liquids.

  • Biological control. Researchers from the University of Arkansas advise releasing Gambusia fish or similar species into the water body or container infested with mosquitoes. “Mosquito fish are excellent predators and, where established, can quickly bring mosquitoes under control,” the article reads.
  • Organophosphates are pesticides based on phosphorus which have been used in mosquito control since the middle of the 20th century. This mosquito killer alters functions of some larva’s nerve cells, resulting in a loss of coordination and death. One of such compounds, temephos, was tested in the past for malaria control and was registered for use against mosquitoes. It is effective even when applied to marshes. Temephos is low toxic and is safe for humans when used properly.
  • Surface oils and films. These solutions are based on waste motor oil and in the past were believed to be the most powerful larvicides. The major drawback is damage they cause to the environment and risks they pose to the human health. Later, modern products such as Arosurf have been developed. Active ingredients include a thin layer of the surface film based on alcohol and refined petroleum oils. They almost have no smell and color but, at the same time, are not inferior to the waste oils as mosquito killers.

Apart from that, various scientific studies show the effectiveness of ultrasound as an electronic mosquito killer targeting larvae. So, researchers from Columbia State University have found during preliminary trials that 94% of mosquito larvae are eradicated after 60 seconds of ultrasound. It is noteworthy that no expensive device is required since a transducer used in the study cost just $40. Such mosquito killer can be installed in water storage tanks or can be made portable. However, there are no commercially available versions yet, while scientific researches are on the way and they have proved to be successful.

Adult Mosquito Killers Based On Pesticides

Researchers from Colorado State University claim that targeting adult mosquitoes only is insufficient for successful pest control and should be viewed as a supplementary measure to the management of larvae. So, what backyard mosquito killers are recommended?

  • For the outdoor use, choose mosquito killers based on pyrethroids. There are two major approaches in suppressing mosquito populations. The first one involves irrigating large areas so that the number of killed insects is in direct proportion to the amount of the pesticide irrigated in the yard. The more you irrigate, the more you kill. The most appropriate time for this approach are peak periods of insect flight, that is in the nightfall.
  • Short-term pyrethroids, such as resmethrin and natural pyrethrins are suggested for this purpose. Permethrin which also belongs to pyrethroids but has a longer residual effect can be applied as well. Short-term solutions have two main drawbacks. First, by killing adult mosquitoes in such a way, you will get a relief just for a couple of days since new mosquitoes from untreated areas will arrive soon. Secondly, you will likely harm beneficial insects which are needed for the health of your garden and as natural enemies of mosquitoes.
  • The second approach involves using residual insecticides, such as bifenthrin, permethrin, and cypermethrin. They have longer effect lasting for a week and more. These insecticides are intended to be applied to areas where mosquitoes rest in the daytime. Focus on shrubbery, tall grass, and underbrush, which are typical harborage sites for mosquitoes.
  • Propane mosquito killer is a portable device intended for the outdoor use only. Propane is used as the main source of fuel which powerful enough to produce a significant amount of fog. It delivers insecticide from the container at the bottom. A good solution is a handheld fogger containing pyrethroids, however, it produces a temporary effect. It can be applied to the backyard and foliage. “Such treatments have the advantage of temporarily suppressing biting activity with little long-lasting effect on beneficial insects like butterflies and honeybees,” scientists from the University of Arkansas said.
  • Sprays and aerosols. These solutions can be used both in the house and in the yard. Pyrethrin aerosols are recommended as a good indoor mosquito killers.

Electronic Mosquito Killers

Electronic devices operate with the aid of components, like microchips and transistors, that direct an electric current. This is a modern and promising approach, which does not require using chemicals or maintenance. Once installed, it keeps on operating as long as there is electricity supply.

Such electronic mosquito killers first lure the pests inside and then eliminate them. While practically all units do a pretty good job killing the captured mosquitoes, the issue of whether they can effectively attract mosquitoes is still open. It is the electric grid that kills the insects and the ultraviolet or infrared lamp that lures them inside.

Electronic Mosquito Killers: photo

Donald Lewis from Iowa State University claims that such electronic mosquito killers are worthless because most of the captured and eliminated insects are actually beneficial or just harmless, while the share of trapped female mosquitoes, which are biting insects, is very low.

Although this statement has been proved by various studies, we should keep in mind that much depends on the environment where the unit is operating. Having a large number of insects around, you will likely have them caught by the mosquito killer. For this reason, indoor mosquito killers are considered to be more effective than those designed for the outdoor use. So, what is the difference between these two types?

  • First, outdoor electronic mosquito killer should be waterproof, otherwise, it may break after a rain.
  • Secondly, outdoor electronic mosquito killers can be used with chemical baits to reinforce the effect of the mosquito killer bulb attracting mosquitoes. When mounted indoors, no chemicals should be put in the unit, especially in bedrooms.

What determines the effectiveness of an electronic mosquito killer bulb?

Researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln say that devices fitted with LED bulbs capture significantly more mosquitoes. Why? The thing is that the brighter the bulb is, the more attractive it is to mosquitoes, while LED bulbs are brighter than ordinary incandescent ones. Moreover, LED bulbs consume less energy and are more cost-efficient.

When choosing LED bulbs, pay attention to the number of lumens it produces because it is an actual indicator of the lamp’s brightness. So, 1,100 lumens are equal to the amount of light generated by a 75W incandescent bulb, while consuming just 10-12W.

There are several ways you may enhance the effectiveness of your electronic mosquito killer:

  • Place the unit on top of a sheet of paper coated with some sticky paste.
  • Attach a pheromone attractant.
  • Mount them in the right place. Hang the unit low to the ground and away from you and other people because more mosquitoes and other insects will be attracted to that site.
  • Switch it on at the nighttime.

H2O, CO2 and Propane Mosquito Killers

There is a number of units attracting mosquitoes in various ways to capture and eliminate them.

  • CO2 mosquito killer exploits carbon dioxide, mimicking scents coming from people and their breathing. Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from a long distance, perceiving it as evidence of the human presence. Overwhelmed with the desire to suck human blood, these pests will fly directly into the trap. Scientists from the American Mosquito Control Association note that studies confirm that CO2 mosquito killers catch their target pests. “However, the key question is whether this results in a measurable reduction in the number of mosquitoes that land and bite humans in the area that is supposed to be protected,” the researchers stressed. According to them, one of the main drawbacks is that such mosquito killers break down quite often. At the same time, this is one of the most inexpensive options and this is a clear advantage.
  • Propane traps also mimic human scent and breathing, releasing CO2 and moisture. They transform propane gas into carbon dioxide to lure mosquitoes in and then the pest is sucked by a vacuum into a special catch tray. Once inside these containers, the insects dehydrate to death. However, these units require propane tanks and are intended for the outdoor use only. These are expensive but, at the same time, very powerful solutions.
  • H2O mosquito killers are the safest and the most natural option, since its key attractant is water. A special water tray resembles a natural environment where mosquitoes breed. Once the pests get there, they are sucked by the fan and dried out to death. Products of this type are usually cheap and can be placed both inside and outside the house. Also, no additional accessories are needed, nor does it require special maintenance.

Comparison of Effectiveness of Mosquito Killers


TargetAdvantagesDisadvantagesEffectiveness (1-10)
Insect growth regulatorsLarvaeLow-toxic; break mosquito’s life cycle, preventing further infestationChemical solution; it is a slow-acting mosquito killer.9
Microbial larvicidesLarvaeNatural and safe solution; bacteria kill larvae by delivering via natural toxin; effective on most mosquito species in diverse habitats; Bt does not target beneficial insects.Bacteria must be ingested to produce an effect.10
Biological control (fish and other natural enemies)Larvae, adultAbsolutely natural solution; has a long-term effect.Fish and other natural enemies do not eradicate mosquito populations but just keep them low.7
OrganophosphatesLarvaeEffective even when applied to marshes; alter functions of some larva’s nerve cells, causing death; low-toxic.Based on phosphorus which is a chemical element9
Surface oils and filmsLarvaePowerful solutionToxic and pose a hazard to the environment.9
Ultrasonic mosquito killersLarvaeHave a high mortality rate, up to 100%, during scientific tests; naturalAre not widespread yet; ultrasound should be very strong that can be harmful to humans.8
PyrethroidsLarvae, adultsA good option for an area-wide treatment; relatively safe and low-toxic.Short-term solution; can harm beneficial insects.9
Residual insecticides (bifenthrin, permethrin, cypermethrin)Larvae, adultsA long-term solution; recommended for treating sites of mosquito congregation.Toxic, cannot be applied indoors.10
Electronic mosquito killersAdultsSafe and do not require using chemicals; recommended for the indoor use.When used outdoors, electronic mosquito killers attract a lot of beneficial insects, instead of mosquitoes; not all units are made waterproof.8
Mosquito killing machines attracting by CO2  and moistureAdultsMimicking scents coming from people and their breathing; effective at long distances; kill by dehydration, no chemicals are required.Cheap devices break down quite often; scientists have confirmed that these units kill mosquitoes, however, they do not ensure entire eradication.8
H2O mosquito killersAdultsNatural and safe; can be placed indoors; targets females which are biting mosquitoesAlthough no special maintenance is required, you have to dispose of dead mosquitoes and change water in the tray.8

TOP 14 Mosquito Killers

Below you will find a review of TOP 14 mosquito killers. We have started with the least expensive products and measures that should be taken first. At the end of the review, there are options for those willing to get a grip and sort the problem out once and forever.

  • Treat water with bacteria available in granules and bits which are natural and safe for humans and pets.
  • Electronic mosquito killers are recommended by scientists as a supplementary measure. They are available in various forms, as indoor and outdoor units, portable and large-sized ones. These devices attract mosquitoes by the light and electrocute them to death. Another option is a mosquito killer which lures the insects by releasing СО2.
  • Products containing lambda-cyhalothrin and other pesticides are intended for killing mosquitoes on lawns and in backyards, irrigated by such substances.
  • For area-wide treatment, choose propane insect fogger. A special insecticide is required for this device. A backpack tank is suggested for the treatment of house basements and other structures, while a propane mosquito killing machine releasing СО2 is a powerful measure of outdoor mosquito control.

Best Mosquito Killer Products For Ponds And Standing Water

The first thing you should do is eradicate mosquito larvae thriving in ponds and other feature where water is not circulating. Granules and bits are the most appropriate as they will ensure much lasting effect. In particular, the effect of Summit Mosquito Dunks lasts up to a month, covering about a hundred square feet of surface area.

Another product, Mosquito Bits with the active ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) produce an immediate result, eliminating larvae within a day. Having combined these short-term and long-term solutions, you will surely do away with a new generation of mosquitoes. Both products are natural, organic, and safe for humans and the environment. Moreover, they will not harm a pet, even if it ingests a dunk since the item is nothing short of a dried bacteria.

Mosquito Killers For Ponds And Standing Water: photoBoth products are popular with users: dunks rate 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 2,000 customers reviews, while bits have scored 4.2 out of 5 stars with over 1,200 customer reviews.

As a buyer has noted, a single dunk is enough for a barrel equal to 20 gallons to do the job. “I use these ‘dunks’ in my rain barrels, fountains and bird baths (this also comes in a shake container), they definitely work! Highly recommend for any outdoor application where you want to kill mosquito larvae,” a customer wrote about the dunks. As for the mosquito bits, sprinkling one teaspoon will be effective for 25 square feet of standing water. “I sprinkled some in the pond and started noticing within a few days that mosquitoes couldn’t pick up and carry off the dog anymore… after a week, they are almost gone,” a user said about the mosquito bits.

Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunk. Price:  Check the current price

Summit Mosquito Bits – Quick Kill, 30 Oz. Price:  Check the current price

5 Mosquito Zappers – Electronic Mosquito Killers

Electronic mosquito killers is an effective supplementary measure for your pest control strategy. They lure the insects by means of bright LED bulbs, capture and kill by the electric shock. Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer  covers a large area, about half an acre.

Its bulb consumes just 15W but is as bright as 100W incandescent lamp, that is enough to attract mosquitoes. To improve the effectiveness, you may add Octenol attractant. This electronic mosquito killer is waterproof, therefore, feel free to use it in the garden or any other open space, without worrying about it getting rusty.

Nevertheless, the unit can be used outdoors only and 25 feet away from the area of human activity. Nor can you mount it on the house walls or any other surfaces of buildings. This backyard mosquito killer rates 4.1 out of 5 stars, with over 8,100 customer reviews. A buyer who has been using this unit for 3 years wrote: “I live next to a swamp so needless to say I have no hope of winning the war on mosquitoes but this combined with my bat houses sure takes a dent out of the population”.

Mosquito Zappers - Electronic Mosquito Killers: photo


Another large-sized unit is Aspectek 20W Mosquito Killer. It is also powerful but designed for the indoor use, covering an area of 6,000 square feet. It can be either hanged or placed on a solid surface but should not be located in uncovered spaces. This indoor mosquito killer attracts mosquitoes by two bright ultraviolet bulbs equal to a 75W incandescent bulb and kills the captured insect by emitting 2,800 voltage. According to the manufacturer, this is the highest voltage in the market. The indoor mosquito killer rates 4.2 out of 5 stars , with almost 5,000 customer reviews.

S SAVHOME Bug Zapper is a much cheaper and compact option. It is a safe 3-mode unit which can be exploited just as a lamp or as a mosquito killer. Its key difference and advantage over the similar devices is an adapter included in the price . You may exploit S SAVHOME 24/7 whether in the house, office, shop or on a patio, terrace, porch, garage and any other rainproof places as well as on a trip.

Another portable option is GLOUE Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp  covering an area of 16 square meters. Note that the portable mosquito killer can be used only inside the house, hotel or other buildings. It rates 4.2 out of 5 stars, with almost 2,500 customer reviews. “These things are amazing. I bought one, saw how well it worked and ordered 2 more. I’ve been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, no see ums and black flies,” a buyer commented.

Mosquito Zappers - Gloue & Volt Racket: photo

3000-Volt Fly Killer Racket is a great idea of combining traditional and modern approaches in pest control. Hit a mosquito with the racket and kill it for sure by the 3,000-volt electric grid. Turn your fight against mosquitoes into sheer entertainment! The swatter is safe upon contact because it has a three-layer surface with the one in the center designed to electrocute the mosquito. When you have no inclination for physical exercises, the racket will do the job itself. Just activate the built-in LED light, and mosquitoes will fly towards the deadly grid where they are doomed to immediately die. customers have appreciated the idea, giving it 4.4 out of 5 stars in reviews. However, one of them noted that the racket is not big enough.

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer. Price:  Check the current price

Aspectek 20W Mosquito Killer. Price:  Check the current price

S SAVHOME Bug Zapper. Price:  Check the current price

GLOUE Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp. Price:  Check the current price

3000-Volt Fly Killer Racket. Price:  Check the current price

СО2 Mosquito Killer

This mosquito killing machine lures the pests by its ultraviolet bulb and CO2 produced the titanium dioxide-coated surface. Once a mosquito is inside, it is sucked by a vacuum fan into a special container. The mosquito killer does not emit odors, nor will it disturb you with buzzing sounds. It covers up to 300 square feet without any additional lure or bait.

However, the product has certain limitations: it can be placed either indoors or in covered spaces outdoors. Its main drawback is that the bulb is not replaceable, lasting for about 20,000 hours. This may cause some troubles, for example, in case the bulb is broken, you will have to buy a new product or just do with a single attractant — CO2.

СО2 Mosquito Killer: photo

It rates 3.1 out of 5 stars, with over 600 customer reviews. “While it doesn’t capture every mosquito, there are always some in the trap whenever I empty it and we have noticed a dramatic reduction of mosquitoes in the house,” a buyer noted.

Price:  Check the current price

Backyard Mosquito Killers – Sprayers

You will hardly manage to eradicate mosquitoes without using pesticides. A 32-ounce Cutter Backyard Mosquito Killer with the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin covers up to 5,000 square feet of the lawn. It is very easy to use, just connect to a hose and start irrigating vegetation where mosquitoes rest.

The effect will last for about a month, which means this is a long-term solution. This backyard mosquito killer produces an immediate effect, quickly eliminating the insects. Cutter Backyard Outdoor Fogger with active ingredients tetramethrin and phenothrin kills mosquitoes on contact and covers an area of 1,200 cubic feet. It is applied in a different way — as a ready-to-use solution.

Backyard Mosquito Killers: photo

Be sure you handle the stuff properly since it is highly toxic to fish and beneficial insects, as well as can cause the skin irritation to humans. All these pesticides must be registered by EPA to avoid risks which can be potentially posed by chemicals to children, pregnant women, pets, and the environment. However, even products approved by EPA must be used according to label directions, otherwise, they may adversely affect the health of you and your household.

Backyard Mosquito Killer rates 4.1 out of 5 stars while the second option has scored 3.9 out of 5 stars. “I live in a swamp in the countryside, irrigated fields all around me, standing water in the rows, runoff in the ditches. The mosquito population is rapid, unless I treat the yard with two bottles of this stuff, once a month,” a customer has shared his experience in using Backyard Mosquito Killer. And yet, a specific chemical smell will remain after the application, she noted.

Cutter Backyard Mosquito Killer. Price:  Check the current price

Cutter Backyard Outdoor Fogger. Price:  Check the current price

Mosquito Fogger – Mosquito Killer For Lawns And Yard

With the help of Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger you will easily treat a large area of the lawn or your backyard, killing flying and resting mosquitoes with insecticides. One of the suitable solutions is a 64-ounce Flying Insect Killer.

The active ingredients are the following: 3-phenoxybenzyl, cyclopropane carboxylate, and piperonyl butoxide. Do not use the solution inside the house, only in the backyard, lawn, and other open spaces. Some customers have noted that the liquid is too toxic. The insecticide is ready-to-use, what you need is to pour it in the propane mosquito killer and that’s it!

Mosquito Killer For Lawns And Yard: photo

The mosquito killing machine uses 14-ounce propane tanks. It is said to last longer than other competing products on the market. One of the drawbacks is that it does not have an automatic ignition. Burgess 1443 rates 5 out of 5 stars. So, one of the customers has proposed using a gas grill lighter for that purpose. “I use the fogger, wait about 3 minutes, then enjoy a mosquito free patio. After 3 treatments, I only fog every other day with the same results,” a customer wrote. The insecticide rates 4.3 out of 5 stars. One of the buyers claims that the insecticide is not very effective because, in his opinion, the producer reduced the amount of active ingredient to comply with EPA rules.

Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger. Price:  Check the current price

Flying Insect Killer. Price:  Check the current price

Sprayer for treating basements

Not only vegetation and water should be treated but basements as well. Do it with a four-gallon backpack mosquito killer which has an efficient 60 PSI pump with an adjustable output dial. The 12 lbs tank has a steel wand and brass nozzle ensuring its durability and reliability. Some parts of the unit can be replaced, if broken or damaged, so that you will not have to spend money on purchasing a new one. As customers point out, the tank can be filled with any powerful insecticide, including Talstar, as long as it is liquid.

Scientists from Wisconsin University claim that sprayers are preferable for treating basements and other structures with high humidity than foggers. The latter is recommended mainly for large areas covered with vegetation where larvae can thrive. Also, keep in mind that foggers target only adult mosquitoes, whereas the first step should be the eradication of larvae.

Mosquito Killing Spraying: photo

It rates 4.6 out of 5 stars. “Worked very well with over 20 feet spray distance,” one buyer said. “Powerful pump to reach tall trees. The only negative is the “plastic” to secure the backpack harness. My experience is this will break rather quickly,” another customer noted.

Price:  Check the current price

Propane Mosquito Killer

This mosquito killing machine attracts the target pests by releasing CO2 transformed from propane. Carbon dioxide disorients mosquitoes which perceive it as a sign of human presence in the area and fly towards the attractant. Such a powerful unit can target insects as far as one acre away. Once the insect is lured in, it is vacuumed in and captured with a sticky paper. It has two parts: one is the plastic tray for catching mosquitoes, another is the sticky paper going around the tank.

Propane Mosquito Killer: photoAlthough the unit seems to be quite massive, it is easy to use and can be assembled without any special knowledge. In addition, the mosquito killing machine does not require cords or any other tools. In the assembled condition, it is 33 inches or less than one meter in height. It rates 3.4 out of 5 stars. Customers point out an advantage that the unit does not require any protection from rain. It may be exposed to any unfavorable weather conditions and keep on operating without failures. “This is our second SkeeterVac and we are delighted to be able to use the outdoors again. This model has an additional feature that allows for bleeding the gas line which is such a great improvement,” a buyer noted.

Price:  Check the current price

TOP 14 Mosquito Killers: Comparative Chart


Summit 20-Pack Mosquito Dunks

Summit Pack Mosquito Dunks min: photo

A larvae ide, should be placed in water

Summit Mosquito Bits

Summit Mosquito Bits min: photo

The active ingredient is Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), should be placed in water

Flowtron BK-15D 

Flowtron BK 15D Electronic Insect Killer min: photo

Outdoor electronic mosquito killer


 Aspectek Mosquito Killer min: photo

Indoor electronic mosquito killer

S SAVHOME Bug Zapper

s savhome table

Indoor & outdoor electronic mosquito killer


GLOUE Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp min: photo

Indoor electronic mosquito killer

3000-Volt  Racket

Fly Killer Racket min: photo

Indoor electronic mosquito killer

CO2 Mosquito Killer

СО2 Mosquito Killer min: photo

Attracts mosquitoes by an ultraviolet bulb and CO2


Cutter Backyard Outdoor Fogger min: photo

The active ingredients are tetramethrin and phenothrin


Cutter Spray

 Cutter Backyard Mosquito Killer Spray min: photo

The active ingredient is lambda-cyhalothrin


Propane Insect Fogger min: photo

Propane mosquito killer

Flying Insect Killer

Flying Insect Killer min: photo

The active ingredients are 3-phenoxybenzyl, cyclopropane carboxylate, and piperonyl butoxide


Mosquito Killing Spraying min: photo

12 lbs tank

Propane Mosquito Killer

Propane Mosquito Killer min: photo

Outdoor mosquito killer, attracts mosquitoes by CO2

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