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How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

What is the best way to get rid of stink bugs?

There are two main approaches to stink bug control. First, if you have detected only a few stink bugs, you can use a fast-acting spray that kills them on contact. A second option is an integrated approach, which is recommended for eliminating heavy infestations. In this case, you should use pheromone traps in combination with powerful insecticides. Treat cracks and crevices in the wall and ceiling with a spray labeled for spot treatment. Seal cracks, especially those in baseboards and around the windows. The recommended ingredient for indoor treatment is pyrethrin. Place traps with pheromone lures to reduce stink bug populations in the garden. More importantly, you should treat your backyard with insecticides. Products containing acetamiprid, ß-cyfluthrin, bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, dinotefuran, and a-cyhalothrin are the most effective ones against stink bugs. While being potent, these insecticides are safe for plants and can be applied around ornamentals.

Quick Picks for products to help you get rid of Stink Bugs:

If you are in a hurry, we’ve got you covered. This quick list will take you straight to reliable Stink Bug Solutions. If you have a few extra minutes to read through the rest of the article you may find out that you already have a product in your garage that will eradicate the little stinkers. The TOP 7 are discussed in greater detail below. Our best advice is don’t wait! Start smart and start now!

1. TERRO T3501-6 Stink Bug Killer Aerosol Spray
It contains tetramethrin and permethrin that kill bugs fast. Equipped with a two-way nozzle, it is used for broad applications and spot treatment.

TERRO T3500 Stink Bug Killer Aerosol Spray min: photo

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2. BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum
Use it to kill bugs and remove dead ones after spraying insecticides. The 38-inch-long vacuum sucks bugs instantly. The catch tube is easily removed.

BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum min: photo

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3. RESCUE Non-Toxic Reusable Stink Bug Trap
The trap comes with pheromone lures that attract bugs within 30 feet. Once a stink bug gets in the trap, it cannot get out and dies from dehydration.

RESCUE Non-Toxic Reusable Stink Bug Trap min: photo

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4. Bifen I/T Insecticide-Bifenthrin
A powerful insecticide for heavy infestations. With 7.9% bifenthrin, it kills bugs fast and provides long-lasting control both indoors and outdoors.

Bifen I/T Insecticide-Bifenthrin min: photo

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Stink bugs are particularly troublesome both for farmers and homeowners in the USA. Did you know these little invaders originated in Asia but appeared in the USA quite recently, just some twenty years ago, quickly spreading throughout the country. These insects normally become active in spring when they start sucking sap from leaves and fruits and by doing so damage trees and vegetable crops. When autumn comes, stink bugs search for a shelter to overwinter becoming a major nuisance for homeowners. Thankfully, Stink Bugs do not bite, nor do they inflict any damage to the surfaces of the building. What they do is less harmful but still really gross and annoying – they emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed or crushed… possibly squirting it a few inches.


Therefore, in the case of the stink bug infestation, you face a double challenge — inside the house and out in the garden. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of stink bugs applying scientifically proven solutions. These include stink bug sprays and granules, natural enemies as well as stink bug traps. We will look at how to repel stink bugs and will review the 7 most popular products on comparing their cost-effectiveness.

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs: Comparison Chart

Method Advantage Diadvantage Effectiveness
Sealing gaps and openings in the building Effectiveness: 10 safe; cost-effective; additional benefit of repairing your house; a long-term solution; prevents stink bugs from entering the house hard to detect and seal all gaps and cracks; time-consuming, moderate effort
Handpicking Effectiveness: 8 environmentally friendly solution; safe; kills specific bugs for sure; facilitated by stink bugs’ habit to drop when frightened; stink bugs are relatively large and easy to be detected does not kill large numbers of bugs; time-consuming; stink bugs have a habit of hiding; a short-term solution
Trap cropping (placing alternative plants around the crop to “intercept” stink bugs) Effectiveness: 9 environmentally friendly solution; scientifically proven to be effective; a long-term solution require additional expenditures on the garden; it is necessary to properly select the plant which will surely attract stink bugs; time-consuming;
Using row covers Effectiveness: 9 ensures full protection from stink bugs when appropriately fixed; protects from all pests in general excludes pollinators as well; hard to cover tall trees; the material can be torn by winds
Using a hand vacuum Effectiveness: 10 safe; scientifically proven to be effective; can be used both indoors and in the garden smell from the pests remains inside the bag; needs to be conducted regularly; time-consuming; a short-term solution
Light traps Effectiveness: 9 scientifically proven to be effective; cheap; easy to use; can be homemade; components can be easily found in households can be used only indoors; a short-term solution
Traps with pheromone lures Effectiveness: 5 save; environmentally friendly better for monitoring than pest control; ineffective when infestation is not large; pheromone is not as powerful as it is for other insects; stink bugs react to pheromone lures only when mature; they do not respond to it in autumn; requires additional stimulus of special vibration; a short-term solution
Using natural enemies (predators and parasites) Effectiveness: 10 scientifically proven to be effective; environmentally friendly solution; some of them (wasps) are beneficial insects; doesn’t require human participation stink bugs can migrate from other areas
Insecticides (acetamiprid, ß-cyfluthrin, bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, dinotefuran, a-cyhalothrin and fenpropathrin) Effectiveness: 8 recommended for the outdoor use; inside the building can kill large numbers at once; almost all of them can be applied to ornamental does not prevent insects from entering the house; stink bugs are tolerant to insecticides; can pose a risk to human health if used incorrectly; stink bugs often migrate from neighboring areas; dead stink bugs attract carpet beetles; a short-term solution

TOP-7 Stink Bug Sprays, Traps and Killers

Below, we will have a look at a vacuum designed to suck in stink bugs, a light trap and a trap which attracts stink bugs by pheromone lures. We will review different insecticides, including sprays and concentrates based on a wide range of active ingredients recommended by scientists, such as tetramethrin, permethrin, bifenthrin, imidacloprid and others.

BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum

This device will help you to kill stink bugs both in the garden and inside the house, as well as remove the dead ones after insecticides’ application without creating too much smell. BugZooka is lightweight, 38-inch long and easy to use. What is essential, its construction allows you to keep a distance from the bugs when they are being sucked into the device, to avoid any unpleasant feelings.

BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher Vacuum: photo

As it follows from comments left by the consumers, the vacuum catches stink bugs even in the spots which are hard to reach. However, the SPI Team recommends not to release these insects outside as they will return to the house. Nor should you crush the captured stink bugs as they will release chemicals with an awful smell.


The users confirm that the vacuum really sucks in stink bugs as well as big spiders and wasps. With no batteries to charge or replace, this device can actually make sucking up bugs quite fun. Most kids will enjoy it too. Even those who find insects absolutely repulsive can still usually capture a few this way.

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Electronic Bug Killer

The manufacturer claims that the bug zapper specifically designed to be used indoors kills stink bugs as well. It attracts insects by the installed LED lamp releasing the light wave of 365 Nm in length. When stink bugs approach the device, its fan sucks them inside, regardless of the direction from which the insect has flown. Using this apparatus is a non-toxic, odorless and safe way to get rid of stink bugs. The dead ones are withdrawn from a storage box in the bug zapper – keeping the smell to a minimum. Be aware that the apparatus will not function well if the air conditioner blows directly to it so choose a protected spot.

Electronic Stink Bug Killer: photo

The science supports the use of devices like this. Many satisfied customers claim that the device works well as a bug killer.

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Stink Bug Trap RESCUE! SBTR

As we have learned, pheromone lures are not considered by most scientists as an effective solution and should be supplemented with special devices emitting vibration. For this reason, the product like this should not be viewed as a strong measure in your pest control strategy. But it can be helpful as a supplementary solution. Actually, the presence of this stuff in your arsenal will pose no additional risks as it is absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for humans. The trap can be placed both indoors and outside the building or in the garden.

Stink Bug Trap: photoThe product is supplied with additional pheromone attractants which will be enough for a month of intensive stink bug management. Once the stink bug flies into the trap, it cannot get out and is eventually dehydrated. The dead ones are easily disposed of. The manufacturer claims that the trap works in a range of thirty feet. The product’s drawback is that it does not kill eggs.

This stink bug trap is not popular with users at all. It might be worth a try if you are desperate or as a way to keep an eye on the population the year following a successful eradication.

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Stink Bug Spray TERRO T3501-6

This spray kills stink bugs on contact in two ways: as a wide spray or when directed straight into crevices where the pests are hiding. The product is a good solution for the exclusion method since it can be applied both inside the outside house, in particular, to treat foundations. Its effect lasts for about a month so you will not have to apply it too often. Terro spray does not stain, nor does it have a foul smell.

Stink Bug Spray TERRO T3501-6: photo

However, this is a powerful insecticide with active ingredients tetramethrin (0.25%), permethrin (0.50%), and piperonyl butoxide (1.0%)which can harm humans. Therefore, having sprayed it indoors, walk away in order not to breathe it in. Also, do not use the stuff around your pests as it is not safe for animals.


The SPI Research team would like to point out that the solution has a long residual action and when the whole can is used there will be no bugs around for a month or more. Since it does not damage building products you can spray it around doors and windows too.

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96 oz 7.9% Bifenthrin Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

The product containing a high concentration of insecticide — 7.9% of bifenthrin — targets more than 75 pests including stink bugs. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, in particular, can be applied to ornamental plants and in the areas with eatables. This is not your average everyday insecticide. It is a professional option for the determined homeowner. It is versatile and safe for many uses.

Bifenthrin Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide: photoAnimals can be allowed in the treated area only when the stuff is dry. Before application, remove all pets, food and kid toys from the room for two and more hours and, after the treatment, air the house for several minutes. The product’s distribution is restricted in New York. To make a spray, mix 1 oz of the concentrate with a gallon of water and apply the solution to an area of up to one thousand square meters. Thus, the bottle of this insecticide will be enough to cover almost 32,000 square feet when diluted.

The insecticide has high rating. “This stuff kills everything that crawls. Even stink bugs are not immune,” one of the customers says. The SPI Research Team recommends, when dealing with an infestation, reapplying the stuff every three months to eliminate stink bugs totally.

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Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer Aerosol Spray, 18-Ounce

This spray is designed to kill bed bugs but, according to the manufacturer’s description, it also destroys stink bug infestation. What is essential, the stuff which includes active ingredients imidacloprid, 3-phenoxybenzyl, cyclopropanecarboxylate and n-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, works against pyrethroid-resistant insects and is good for spot treatment. Compared to TERRO spray which we have reviewed before, Ortho is less toxic and safer as it can be applied directly to furniture and bedding. However, its effect lasts for a shorter period of time, just two weeks, whereas the residual of the previous spray lasts for more than a month.

Ortho Bed Bug Killer Spray: photo

The customers find it a benefit that the spray does not leave the smell an hour after application.

Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer Aerosol, 18 oz.

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FenvaStar EcoCap – 8 oz

The concentrate contains an active ingredient esfenvalerate (3.5%) which is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide. The manufacturer claims that the stuff kills marmorated stink bugs along with some other pests. The product can be used both inside and outside the house. Also, it can be applied to the areas where eatables are planted. The key advantage of this solution is that its effect lasts longer than that of most natural insecticides. Apart from that, it is highly resistant to UV-rays from the sun.

FenvaStar EcoCap: photoTo make a spray, one oz of the liquid should be diluted in a gallon of water. Spray all crevices, walls, and baseboards, as well as other places where stink bugs can hide. The solution requires repeated applications which must not be made more often than once a week. Don’t forget to wear gloves when handling the stuff. The SPI Team recommends using the product as a perimeter spray as the most cost effective way to use it.

FenvaStar EcoCap - 8 oz.-Bed Bugs,carpenter Bees,Stink Bug,ants,spiders,Professional Pest Control Product

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Comparative Chart Of Stink Bug Killers

BugZooka WB100 Bug Catcher
BugZooka Catcher Vacuum min: photo

RockBirds Electronic Mosquito Killer

light trap
RESCUE! SBTR Non-Toxic Reusable Stink Bug Trap

trap with a pheromone lure
TERRO T3501-6 Stink Bug Killer Aerosol Spray
Stink Bug Spray TERRO T3500 min: photo

active ingredients: tetramethrin, permethrin, and piperonyl butoxide; spray
96 oz 7.9% Bifenthrin Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide
Bifen I/T Insecticide-Bifenthrin min: photo
active ingredient: bifenthrin; concentrate
Ortho Home Defense Dual-Action Bed Bug Killer

active ingredients: imidacloprid, 3-phenoxybenzyl, cyclopropanecarboxylate, and n-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide; aerosol spray
FenvaStar EcoCap – 8 oz

active ingredient: esfenvalerate; concentrate

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Naturally

Stink bugs have diverse natural enemies depending on what the target is: eggs, nymphs or adults. Predators that feed on stink bugs are birds, rats, spiders and all sorts of other insects which help to reduce stink bug populations. These insects are adult green lacewings, jumping spiders, ground beetles, wasps, just to name a few.

How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Naturally; photo

Scientists from the Oregon State University have examined the behavior of the Samurai wasp, also known under the scientific name Trissolcus japonicus, and have found them very helpful. When populations of stink bugs have exploded in Oregon and house owners started complaining about a large number of these insects in the vicinity of their dwellings, the scientists have opted for a biological solution and eventually succeeded. Studies conducted in the laboratory showed that female wasp lays eggs in the eggs of stink bugs which eventually die.

Russell F. Mizell III from the University of Florida refers to scientific studies proving the effectiveness of a so-called trap cropping. Although much depends on the combination of pests and plants in every particular region of the country, the strategy as a whole really works. The idea of trap cropping is to place plants attractive to stink bugs near the crops you what to protect from the infestation. By doing so the farmers “intercept” the pests stopping them at the perimeter of the field. It is also preferable to mix species of plants so that insects will have enough food. As for stink bugs, the recommended plants include crimson clover, millet, buckwheat, sunflower and some other.

Wow! You made it to the end! StopPestInfo has resources for hundreds of different pests. As you can see, we take DIY pest control seriously. Just remember, you can do this! The best action is the action you take.


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