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How to Repel Skunks And Which Skunk Repellent Should You Choose?

Updated : 14 October 2019

If the skunks do not cause substantial damage and both you and your pets are out of risk, feel free to use repellents which will take more time but will safely drive the animals off your place. The most obvious skunk repellent is to deprive them of the free food that they can find: meat leftovers after a BBQ party, fruit crops, pets’ food. If that didn’t take effective, it’s high time to turn to a ready-to-use skunk repellent или deterrent which won’t take long to deal with such unwanted guests as skunks.

There are two types of repellents, namely the electronic deterrents (repellers) and natural skunk repellents, and we’ll focus on both sorts. First and foremost it becomes obvious that the skunks can’t stand hot pepper smell. It is the repellents with this ingredient that the University of Florida scientists consider to be most effective: «Products containing capsaicin (an extract from hot peppers) appear to be promising as a topical deterrent for a variety of wildlife species because they operate through both scent and taste aversion». We’ll start with them at once!

Best Natural Skunk Repellents

We’ve picked two products which differ in terms of both form and ingredients: one comes in granules, the other is spray. Pick whatever is more convenient to use for you and mind that no spray should be applied near skunk traps if you have any installed. To surely lure the skunks into the trap, use the repellents only in the areas that require protection.

Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent, 5-Pounds Granular Shaker

Best Natural Skunk Repellent: photo

This is one of the oldest and proven repellents based on the black pepper oil, peperine and, most importantly, capsaicin, an ingredient that the scientists consider to be most effective for skunk repelling. The chosen option is repellent granules which are absolutely safe for kids and pets and disgusting for the skunks.

The granules are stored in a designated shaker which is extremely convenient as they are distributed evenly and you won’t be able to accidentally pour too many of them. The main peculiarity of the product is that it maintains its repelling properties within 30 days and can repel not only skunks, but also squirrels, raccoons, stray cats and dogs. Pour the granules where you need to, be it a garden, a yard alley, by the trees, near trash or wherever. You can even pour them into pot plants or on the floor in commercial buildings should the skunks reach them. Just like any other repellent, granules’ effect is limited. Mind that if the skunks have become overly active.

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Expel Natural Animal Repellent & Mice Repellent - Ready to Use, Weatherproof - 32oz Easy Spray Bottle

Expel Natural Animal Repellent: photo

This is an alternative and more affordable spray skunk repellent. Perhaps, many will find it more convenient to use a spray. After all, it is fast and handy. It contains such organic compounds disliked by skunks and other pest animals as cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, garlic oil and vinegar which are effective and harmless for you and your pets. You’ll find it quite useful when you’ll need to protect your plants or lawn and won’t feel like spending the time on pouring the granules. Read all customer reviews to learn more about using this repellent.

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We’ll follow by covering electronic skunk repellers, which are convenient devices aimed at driving the skunks off your place without actually getting you involved. All you have to do is install them!

2 Best Electronic Skunk Deterrents

PestZilla Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal & Pest Repeller - Motion Activated

electronic skunk deterrent: photo

An ultrasonic pest repeller is quite questionable. As per the scientists, this method is utterly ineffective. Practice shows it can be helpful for a short period of time. Yes, the pests are driven away for a few days by a sonic wave. After that the habituation effect is triggered and the skunks return to searching for the food and digging the holes at your place on a daily basis while the device has no impact on them.

Would you like to use repellents efficiently? Combine them! For instance, use this solar battery powered ultrasonic repeller together with the granules from the previous section. Once the ultrasound works and the pests flee, don’t loiter and fence your place by stacking the granules on the perimeter. That will make sure the skunks never come back.

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Predator Guard Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Scares Deer Away, Nocturnal Pest Animal Repellent, Chicken Coop Accessories

Best Electronic Skunk Repeller: photo

The skunks are most active at night, and other electronic deterrents have been designed for that as they emit the light that is unpleasant to the pests. This solar powered deterrent is such a device. It’s not a street light as it doesn’t provide for complete lighting of your place (which you don’t need) but instead it emits pulse light signals that deter the pests.

The device is water-, dirt- and frost-resistant so you can leave it outdoors whenever. The perfect option for those who want to avoid being too close to the gadget is to leave it under the patio. In that way the skunks will never want to settle there. Two devices for equipping a sort of security frontier if you need to are supplied. With the help of this device you’ll be able to repel not only smaller animals, such as skunks, but also larger ones such as the deer. Feel free to combine it with aroma repellents and traps.

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To ease your choice we have compiled a comparative chart of all the repellents for you.

Skunk Repellents Comparison Chart

Product Type of Repellent Is it Safe For Using Near Kids And Pets?

Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent

repellent granules yes

Expel Natural Animal Repellent & Mice Repellent

repellent spray yes

PestZilla Ultrasonic Motion Activated Repeller

ultrasonic repeller yes

Predator Guard Solar Powered Predator

lighting deterrent yes

How to Keep the Skunks Away

Let us remind you a few rules of thumb that won’t ever let the skunks invade your place:

  1. 1) Deprive the skunks of the shelter. Piles of wood, passages under the patio, piles of trash are all quite an attractive accommodation for this animal. Keep your place in order so that the skunks have nowhere to hide.
  2. 2) Eliminate their food source. This species’ treats are found inside the open garbage cans and among the picnic leftovers. Don’t forget to clean up and shut the trash bins tightly.
  3. 3) Combine some effective types of treatments. Don’t stick to using repellents or traps exclusively. You’ll achieve maximum effect if you use these methods comprehensively. And do mind the first two points, naturally!

Now you are prepared for a sudden skunk invasion. The main thing to bear in mind is that the repellents are not a panacea, so be sure to install the best skunk trap and have patience. Don’t neglect the basic precautions and you’ll surely solve the problem without any adverse consequences!

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