TOP-13 Best Mole Killers: Poisons, traps and repellents review

Moles are lovely creatures at a first glance only. Those who are already acquainted with these creatures close enough certainly do not want to see them ever again. The users can find all kinds of control methods online from poisoning the moles with exhaust fumes to bring down mole tunnels… There are even some very resourceful gardeners that suggest eliminating moles by sustaining constant noise near their burrows. Half of these methods do not work when used alone, it is necessary to combine them. But some (like poisoning the moles with exhaust fumes) can irreversibly damage the entire garden ecosystem. In this article, we consider only proven methods and 13 best pest control products: the best mole traps, repellents, and poisons from ~$11 to $51.

3 Best Mole Control Products

 Victor Out OSight Mole Trap 0631 tableRepellex Mole Repellent tableVENSMILE Solar Sonic Repellent Spike table
Victor Out O’Sight Mole TrapRepellex Mole Repellent (7lbs)Solar Sonic Repellent Spikes (2 Pieces)
#1 best selling mole killer, a scissor-jawed type of the trap operating like a press.Comes in granules. Cost-efficient. Protects up to 7,000 sq ft.Solar-powered. Emits sonic pulses every 25 seconds that chase out moles.
Effectiveness: 10Effectiveness: 7Effectiveness: 8

6 Steps on How to Eliminate Moles

STEP#1. Initially, you never know to what extent the moles in your area are resistant to one or another measure, therefore you should alway start with the safest and simplest ones. These are natural repellents, namely castor oil which is recommended by scientists. Castor oil will not cause damage to eatable crops. To reinforce the effect, use chemical repellents like moth ball being distributed along the animal’s runway.

STEP#2. However, these solutions provide a short-term effect, therefore, you might need something more convincing. Like electronic devices scaring moles out of the area. Since moles are sensitive to sounds, choose sonic repellers such as spikes which emit sounds underground.

STEP#3. In case the mole damage can be inflicted to small sites, erect physical barriers to protect valuable plants or crops. They should be made of metal and dug deeply into the soil.

STEP#4. But moles are adaptive and can get used to disturbing noises. So, in case all sorts of repellents do not work, opt for more radical but, at the same time, more effective methods. The most recommended one is trapping which is relatively humane and does not pose hazards to the trappers when the device is handled properly. Set the traps near the moles’ burrows.

STEP#5. If trapping has not significantly reduced the mole population in the area, use poisons which should be placed underground only, into the mole’s active burrows.

STEP#6. Since it is hard to find an attractive bait for mole, poisoning may not be the best bet for you. So, try gas bombs which are more effective against these animals than poisons. There is no doubt that if you have gone through all the above-mentioned stages, you do not have a single mole left in the area.

Table of Contents:

Entomologists’ Opinion on Trapping, Repelling & Poisoning

The Internet is full of traditional mole elimination tips and you can find thousands of products labeled “mole control”. How to choose really effective methods and products? We have explored this challenging issue and found out what American scientists think in this regard.

For instance, they agree that the most effective way to get rid of moles is to use mole traps. University of Nebraska scientists explained this as follows: “Trapping is the most successful and practical method of getting rid of moles.”  Their Californian colleagues are of the same opinion, and consider trapping “The most universally applicable and dependable method of mole control”. Scientists from PennStateExtension point out that specialized mole traps are humane mole killers although they look quite brutal. Also, such devices do not pose hazards to the trapper when handled properly. Specialized mole traps can be divided into 3 types. The first one is the harpoon trap which sharp spikes pierce the mole. The second type is the scissor-jaw trap with jaws closing firmly across the runway, while the third one is the choker loop trap with a loop tightening around the body of the captured animal. These traps have two crucial strong points. They exploit natural habits of moles that spring the device by following their instinct to break through the blocked passageways. One more strong point is that such traps are installed without drawing attention of the mole since they are not placed into the burrow.

effective way to get rid of moles: photo

As for the mole repellents, the opinions of scientists vary. Nebraska experts make very unflattering comments about this method loved by many users: “No chemical products are registered or effective for repelling moles. Borders of marigolds may repel moles from gardens, although this method has not been scientifically tested.” Californian scientists, on the other hand, are not so categorical. They argue that such a control method as flooding the tunnels with water is not effective at all since moles are excellent swimmers and, more importantly, by irrigating a landscape you will only increase their food supply. But castor oils can be highly useful when getting rid of the pests: “Commercially available mole repellents, usually castor oil solutions, are also available. Research on the effectiveness of these castor oil commercial repellents has shown some efficacy for eastern moles.” Researchers from the University of Missouri-Columbia share this opinion on castor oil repellents which are said to be capable of preventing the mole damage to lawns. Apart from that, the scientists highly recommend applying thiram which is a registered repellent for moles. Mothballs are also considered to be effective when distributed in the mole’s runways, however, their effect is not sustainable.

Electronic mole repellers may come in handy because moles have sensitive hearing and can be scared out of the area by means of sound, according to Rebecca McPeake, a professor at the University of Arkansas. Such devices are typically powered by batteries and automatically emit disturbing sounds. However, the major drawback of these repellers lies in their short-term effect. Moles quickly get used to disturbing noises and the repellers’ effect reduces.

Jim Parkhurst, a specialist with Virginia Cooperative Extension, suggests  erecting barriers as effective mole repellents protecting small gardens or seedbeds. The barrier should be installed along the perimeter and should be constructed of sheet metal or hardware cloth. The structure should be placed 10 inches deep into the trench and then the material should be L-shaped. However, as researchers from the University of Arkansas note, erecting physical barriers against moles is typically impractical because they are able to dig deeply.

And what about the mole poisons? The Oregon State University scientists conclude that “Because moles are insectivores, eating mainly earthworms and insects, toxic baits are not readily eaten”. Therefore, the poisons producers have only one way out: to place mole poison bait in a shell that mimics these insects and worms. They also suggest that you should use poison gas (gas bombs), as they are an effective mole control method. However, there is a “but”: if the moles have already dug up an extensive tunnel system, the method will be useless since the moles can easily “depressurize” the gassed part of the tunnel, and the gas will simply be released through the hole, and rodents will spread further. Also, moles detect gases easily and can successfully escape their impact. Another difficulty related to using poisons is that they work only when placed in active burrows, while it is easy to mistaken an empty burrow for the occupied one. Also, since mole poisons, such as zinc phosphide, are very toxic, they should be placed underground only. And, finally, poisons cannot be applied in the crop areas or near water source as they can be washed into these areas by rain, scientists from PennState Extension claim.

Comparison Table of Effectiveness of Mole Control Methods

MethodAdvantageDisadvantageEffectiveness (1-10)
TrappingConsidered by scientists to be the most effective method. Takes advantage of the moles’ natural habits. Humane mole killers. Don’t arouse suspicion when installed.When handled improperly, the device can hurt the trapper.10
RepellentsCastor oil repellents can prevent the mole damage to lawns. Thiram is a registered repellent for moles and is highly recommend by scientists. Mothballs work when distributed in the mole’s runways but for a short period of time.Not considered by scientists to be effective. A short-term solution.6
Electronic mole repellentsEffective because moles have sensitive hearing.Have a short-time effect since moles are adaptive.7
Installing physical barriersSuggested for the protection of small gardens or seedbeds.Considered to be impractical since moles are able to dig deeply. Labor-consuming because you will have to dig a trench and mount the barrier properly.7
Mole poisonsThere are registered mole killers.It is hard to find an attractive bait because moles don’t consume grains and nuts. Poisons are very toxic and, therefore, must be placed underground only. Cannot be applied in crop areas.6
Gas bombsConsidered by scientists to be an effective mole killerIf the tunnel is extensive, the gas may be released through the hole. Moles detect gases easily.9

We trust the scientists’ expertise as they identified the best pest control methods, and now let’s get down to business. We’ll show you how to choose the most suitable mole control products. Here you’ll find a variety of traps of three types: scissor-jawed, harpoon and chocker loop traps. They kill moles in different ways, either with loops compressing the animal’s body or by means of a small hammer breaking the spine or with blades piercing the trapped animal. If you don’t want to kill the moles, opt for natural repellent based on castor oil. We have compared three items of various weight and coverage area and determined the cost-efficient ones. Electronic devices also known as mole spikes exploit moles’ sensitivity to sound and are designed to operate underground. Ultrasonic pest repellent stands distinctive as it operates above the ground and its effect is doubted by some scientists. We have examined two types of poisons: zinc phosphide baited with peanuts and bromethalin baited with worm simulation. The latter is based on moles’ food preferences. You may also poison the moles with gas cartridges placed into the burrows.

Best Mole Killers: Mole Poison & Gas Bomb

One of the popular mole control methods is the use of poison baits and gas. Many people prefer them to other methods because of their simplicity. After having tinkered with the installation of traps and not having caught any pests, many go ahead and buy poison which becomes a salvation, they say. Many scientists do not consider toxic baits a serious mole control product due to the fact that the moles are not so easily attracted by food. But poison manufacturers have begun to produce bait imitating natural mole food, which works. Also, the poisonous gas is effective against moles only if there are few excavated tunnels.

Mole Poison Bait – Tomcat Mole Killer – Worm Bait (10 Worms)

The poison harvested in a special envelope simulating larvae or worms is a favorite treat of these pests. The active ingredient of Tomcat Mole Killer is bromethalin, which is widely known as a powerful component of poisons acting on the nervous system.

Mole Poison Bait – Tomcat Mole Killer: photo

Since moles are rather voracious, it’s enough to fill the soil several times with this fragrant mole poison by Tomcat for Check current price in the key tranches, and the result won’t take long. The only drawback noted by the large area owners is the following: “There are only 10 worms in the box and I would recommend cutting the worms into thirds (1/3). I have a pretty big yard and this seems to work perfectly!”. If the situation has gone out of control, the persecution of the unwelcome pests might take quite some time.

NB! The poison is not stated to be able to damage soil or pets not because it’s not toxic but because the bait is placed deep in the soil where pets can’t reach. But if your dog likes to dig the lawn, keep it away from the treated area; otherwise you’ll have to drive to the vet if the pet eats the bait…

Excerpts from buyers’ reviews

«Neglect those mechanical traps, these fake worms do the job. I reduce each in fifty percent to make 20 units. It was pleasing to really feel the point of a stick experience the grass and also right into the hollow chamber. I used every one of the fake worms … I understand it was excessive (pun intended) but often more is better than much less. I marked each location with a small rock and prevented cutting the turf till the experiment mored than. One point I did that I have actually not seen reviewed anywhere is I sprinkled the lawn the same evening I set the project in motion. My idea was given that the moles are pursuing worms, and worms always turn up in moist dirt, this would certainly make a perfect tornado of kill problems. Then, I waited 3 full days prior to going to the location. Certainly, there is no very easy method to inform if you have actually been successful … however it showed up that no brand-new passages were added. So, I flattened all the existing tunnels as well as waited over night to see if they were expanded again. NONE! trouble resolved».

Tomcat rates 3.9 out of 5 stars in reviews. “Forget those mechanical traps, these fake worms do the job,” a customer wrote. Users are particularly satisfied with the fact that the poison is harmless to plants. Be it tomatoes or strawberry, plants are not damaged after the poison is poured into the soil.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Tomcat Mole Killer(a) - Worm Bait - Includes 10 Worms per Box - Mimics a Mole's Natural Food Source - Ready-to-Use Mole Killer - Effective Against Most Common Mole Species

Last update on 2020-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Price: Check current price

Sweeney’s Mole Poison Peanuts Bait, 6 Ounce (Pack of 2)

This poisonous bait with the active ingredient of 2-percent zinc phosphide is said to quickly kill moles. The product has a convenient design since its cone tip helps you successfully insert the poison into the moles’ underground runways and tunnels. One pack contains a set of two items. Sweeney’s Mole Poison was formulated specifically for moles, therefore, these critters are most likely to find it attractive.

Sweeney's Mole Poison Peanuts Bait: photo

This mole poison rates 3.2 out of 5 stars. Some customers complain that it does not work for them referring to the fact that these animals consume live insects like grubs. “These do NOT work. Moles tunnel right past the pills in their run. Totally useless,” one user said. So, sometimes, it is enough to get rid of grubs using pesticides and all moles will leave the area as they will have nothing to feed on!

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Sweeney's Mole and Gopher Poison Peanuts Bait 6 Ounce (Pack of 2)

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Price: Check current price

The Best Gas Bomb – Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb

Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb: photo

The Giant Destroyer consists of 4 cartridges per card, with 2 cards per pack. It is easy to use and relatively safe. So, you take one of the The Giant Destroyer gas cartridges, insert a wick, and set it on fire. Here the hurry and fear are out of place. If you purchase it at an appropriate place, it is unlikely to explode. After waiting for the wick to have burnt a little, put it into the burrow. Wait until a dense smoke begins to belch from the hole, and bury it. All openings must be sealed, at least, those known to you. The smoke will fill all passages and poison moles. The active ingredients are the following: 50% of sodium nitrate, 38% of sulfur, 9% of charcoal. The product has been made in the USA and has recommended itself as quite an efficient one, especially considering its very low price.

Its rating on is 3.7 out of 5 stars. Customers suggest applying these cartridges when there is a big hump of dirt on top of the ground or you see that the tunnels are fresh and active.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Atlas Giant Destroyer 00333 Gas Bomb - Gopher, Mole and Rat Killer - Pack of 2 4packs (8 Total)

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Price: Check current price

4 Best Mole Traps

Catching a mole with bare hands is beyond the power of even an experienced scout, as these animals are too brisk and nimble. There are dozens of mole traps available on the market. They work under the “one dead pest per trap” principle so that if you plan to get rid of the entire brood, you’ll have to install a whole system of such devices.

All three traps reviewed are quite cruel and lethal. So far, no one has yet invented the same quick and relatively humane electronic traps that exist for rats and are nicknamed “the electric chair” for its capability of electrocuting animals instantly. So here we’ll focus on 4 mechanical traps of 3 types considered by scientists the most effective, namely the scissor-jawed, harpoon and chocker loop traps.

#1 best selling mole killer – Victor Out O’Sight Mole Trap 0631

Before you, there is the most popular scissor-jawed mole trap for Check current price, which will not leave the moles a chance to survive. It is also, incidentally, the most cut-rate one. It works like this: find a tunnel, set the trap on both of its sides and bring it to alert by stepping on it to cock the mechanism. Once a mole falls between the two panels of the device, the latter will work instantly and collapse like a mousetrap. The mechanism operates like a press; it doesn’t make any open wounds on the animal and kills instantly, like a bullet. And no bait is necessary!

Victor Out O'Sight Mole Trap 0631: photo

“Patience is the key” – say those who have already tried this mole trap. “I’ve been waiting for three days and on the morning of the fourth day the trap finally worked successfully!”. You do not think that a mole will fall into the trap within a couple of hours, do you? Do not forget about the possible tunnel network. If there are 10 alternative ways out, a mole would never go in the passage that has been recently excavated.

This mole killer rates 3.8 out of 5 stars. One of the customers suggests how these devices should be exploited: “Don’t set them on the mounds! Don’t set them in the “spidery” runs. Set them only in straight runs close to the surface. They do work extremely well!” he wrote.

What do buyers say?

«Easy to set. Kills every single time.
The method to making use of these is to not set it like the guidelines state. What I do is locate a straight tunnel the moles (yes, there are constantly more than one) dug. In my backyard they originate from the trees into the tree-less yard to consume the worms. The straight tunnels are the traveling passages these buggers make use of. The brief transforming ones are feeding areas that they do not take another look at commonly sufficient to locate the catch. Always seek the lengthy straight passages. After locating the straight passage, I take a hand shovel as well as remove a section of the passage large enough as well as deep enough so the catch establishes into loosely in it. I then set the catch per the instructions provided. With the security on, I established the catch into the part I dug out and then take the dust I excavated and fill in around catch (including under the stress plate trigger). I do NOT load this down snugly however ensure there suffices dirt under the trigger. I after that release the safety as well as wait. Within a day or two I’ll discover a mole dead. Often I do two catches regarding 12″ apart as well as will certainly get two each time».

Price:  Check current price

Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

This is another mole trap by Wire Tek which is also scissor-jawed. Here the blades are replaced with a small “hammer”, which should theoretically break the rodent’s spine. In reality, this is not always the case. The trap is popular, but it is much more expensive than others.

Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap: photo

Its rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars with almost 1,500 customer reviews. “I purchased only one to try out, and in the last 3 weeks, I have killed 5 moles. Every time I see a new mound and set the trap along the runs and within a day or so the mole is gone,” one of the users commented.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap (2 Pack)

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Price: Check the current price

Sweeney’s 9015 Deadset Precision Mole Trap

This is a harpoon trap that looks more compact but works harder, as instead of two plates here are the blades. Similarly, set it in the tunnel, cock and trigger by pressing to pierce a trapped rodent. When cocking the trap, be careful as it is necessary to do everything manually, rather than by pressing the lever with a foot. And you can safely call this type of mole killer the dirtiest one as blades do their job.

Sweeney's 9015 Deadset Precision Mole Trap

However, Sweeney’s is the least popular on compared to the previous ones, rating 3.0 out of 5 stars in customer reviews. Some customers think that plastic spikes are not solid enough while others are satisfied with the product’s quality: “This looks big and bulky, but it works better than the trusty old steel version,” one of the buyers wrote.

Price: Check the current price

Nash Choker Loop Mole Trap

Nash mole chocker loop trap is yet another mole-catching device. Unlike other models here, instead of a hammer or a blade, there are two loops compressing when an animal enters the active zone. The only caveat is that it is recommended to dig the trap in as stably as possible for it to work properly. Some users complain of the difficulty of the trap setup, that’s why there is less positive feedback than there could be.

Nash Choker Loop Mole Trap: photo

This mole killer has scored 4.0 out of 5 stars. “I bought two of these to finally deal with decade-long mole problems in my yard. Set two of them in line with the main active mole tunnel, left it over the weekend,” suggests one of the customers.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Nash 100 Choker Loop Mole Trap

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Price: Check current price

The Best Mole Repellents and Electronic Repellers

There are several popular ways to repel moles. Among all, castor oil and ultrasound are considered the most effective repellents so we’ll tell you more about them.

3 Castor Oil Mole Repellent Granules

Above we’ve mentioned that when it comes to repelling the moles, scientists still give a chance to such means as regular castor oil. But they unanimously repeat that “This method, albeit humane, is barely effective for large-scale disasters”. In this case, will the castor-based repellents help?

Bonide 692150 Mole Max: photo Sweeney's Mole & Gopher Repellent: photo Repellex Mole, Vole & Gopher Granular: photo

These granules are not suitable for getting rid of mole packs but are handy for creating a kind of a barrier for arriving moles. You are to scatter them along the border of your territory, and the moles (as well as gophers, voles and other related rodents) won’t disturb you as long as the odor lasts. Therefore, these solutions may be used either if the mole infestation has just begun, or as a preventive measure. Among the commercially available repellents, there are 3 best-selling products: Bonide 692150 Mole Max and Vole Repellent Granules, Sweeney’s Mole & Gopher Repellent, and Repellex Mole, Vole & Gopher Granular. All of them are based on the natural and non-toxic ingredient, the castor oil. However, the product by Bonide is less cost-efficient since with a weight of 10lbs it is able to cover no more than 5,000 sq ft, whereas the same volume of Sweeney’s granules covers up to 10,000 sq ft. Repellex Mole repellent is also cost-efficient which 7lbs container with granules protects up to 7,000 sq. Moreover, Bonide is the most expensive of all three products mentioned above. The most popular product with customers is that of Sweeney’s with a rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars in the reviews. Some users claim that castor oil does not work for them. In this regard, it is worth noting that such solutions should be reapplied frequently to bring results. “I put down maybe every two months or so when I start to see holes I reapply and it depends on how much rain you get,” one of the customers advised.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Bonide (BND692150) - Molemax Mole & Vole Burrowing Animal Repellent, Rodent Repellent Granules (10 lb.)

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Price of Bonide Repellent Granules (10lbs). Check the current price

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Sweeney's S7001-1 Mole and Gopher Repellent Granules, 4 lb.

Last update on 2020-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Price of Sweeney’s Mole & Gopher Repellent granules (10lbs). Price: Check current price

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Repellex Mole/Gopher Repellent, 7 lb.

Last update on 2020-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Repellex Mole, Vole & Gopher Granular (7lbs). Price Check current price

NB! If the moles have long settled at your place and you have some valuable plants, this method is definitely not for you. Maybe that is why the granules are not very highly rated, or maybe they are used too late. Due to the scattered granules, the moles won’t be able to escape and so they will start to dig tunnels randomly under the influence of the foul smell. As a result, numerous plants will perish under crazy mole pack pressure. So in case of massive and prolonged mole attacks, refer to more powerful means, mentioned above, i.e. to traps and poisons.

Electronic Mole Repellers

Electronic repeller utilized by homeowners can be loosely divided into three groups. These are devices repelling by means of sound, light, or water spray. While light repellers are useless in mole control, let’s have a look at the other two option, i.e. motion-activated sprinkler deterring animals with a water jet and sonic repellers, such as mole repellent spikes, that affect the animals’ hearing.

Spikes help keep your yard mole free with the use of electronic pulses. The stake simply needs to be inserted into the ground and can then send out sonic pulses which will drive moles out. Motion-activated sprinklers irrigate the soil providing the moles with extra food sources. Also, sprinklers target the animals above the ground level while repellent spikes affect the moles underground. Another strong point of mole repellent spikes is that they scare moles out by means of sound that is considered to be effective since moles are very sensitive to sounds.

Sonic Mole Repellers — Spikes

Since moles are sensitive to sounds, the idea of chasing them out from the area with the help of sound repellers seems to be quite a sensible one. However, given that moles spend most of their time underground, specially designed devices are needed to reach them effectively. That is how spikes repelling moles were invented. Installed into the soil, they produce continuous sounds under the ground, disturbing and chasing the moles out of the area.

Sweeney's repeller: photo NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent: photo

Let’s have a look at two popular mole spikes: Vensmile and Sweeney’s mole repellers. The first one is solar powered but more expensive while the second is cheaper and battery-run. However, when dealing with prices, take into account such notion as cost-efficiency. In other words, although a solar-powered device costs more, it does not entail extra spending on batteries, which is the case with the second repeller. Therefore, speaking long-term, exploiting solar-powered unit will actually save your money.

Vensmile repeller collects energy from the sun during the daytime and keeps on operating at the nighttime. It emits ultra-low frequency sonic pulses every 25 seconds that penetrate the soil irritating the moles. Sweeney’s device emits sonic pulses every 30 seconds, so an interval between pulses is a bit greater with the second product. However, according to the manufacturer, Sweeney’s repeller has a larger coverage area — 7,500 sq.ft compared to 6,000 sq.ft of Vensmile mole spike. Based on this information, we can conclude that Sweeney’s device is a bit more powerful.

Vensmile is more popular with customers rating 4.4 out of 5 stars while Sweeney’s has a rating of just 3.0 out of 5 stars but with a greater number of customer reviews — over 600. “I left them all year around. As long as batteries are OK, they do the job all the time,” a user of Sweeney’s product comments. “I use it here in Colorado for garter moles. I would say it works with a 20 ft by 20 ft area. In the areas I have put it in I have not seen moles,” a customer who exploited Vensmile mole repellent spike has shared his experience.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
NIKAND Solar Mole Repellent Ultrasonic 4 Pack Outdoor Powered Sonic Deterrent - Mole Stopper Scare Vole for Lawn Garden & Yard Home - Groundhog Repeller Snake Rodent Gopher Spikes Chaser Pest Control

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VENSMILE 2 Pieces Solar Sonic Mole Spike. Price: Check current price

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Sweeney's 9012 Mole and Gopher Twin Pack Sonic Spikes (not available in HI, NM, PR)

Last update on 2020-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Sweeney’s 9012 Twin Pack Sonic Mole Spikes. Price: Check current price

Hoont Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Mole Repeller – Motion Activated

Using an ultrasonic pest repeller is debatable. According to the scientists, it is an absolutely inefficient method. As practice shows, it is effective but for a short term. Yes, all of the pests will flee within a couple of weeks because of the sound waves’ impact. After that, the effect of habituation is triggered and the moles will be back to their daily excavation of your lawn and this fancy device won’t have any effect on them.

Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered: photo

Do you want to use repellents effectively? Mix and match! For example, combine this solar ultrasonic repeller and the granules from the previous section. As soon as the ultrasound takes effect and the pests flee, do not hesitate and create a barrier along the perimeter of your place using mounds of granules on the borders. In this case, the moles definitely won’t be able to return.

Hoont Mole Repeller rates 3.2 out of 5 stars. “The moles have not moved in my yard as I move these around from time to time. They work well enough that I am buying two more for the sides of my yard,” a customer wrote. Not all users agree and some of them say that in their view this ultrasonic repeller does not do anything to moles.

Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Product from Amazon, Publisher may get a commission
Hoont Powerful Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Outdoor Animal & Pest Repeller - Motion Activated

Last update on 2020-06-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Price: Check current price

For your convenience let’s summarize our guide with a comparative table of all products.

Mole Traps, Repellents and Poisons Comparison Chart

Victor Out O’Sight (scissor-jawed trap)

Victor Out OSight Mole Trap 0631 table

Mole killer operating like a press.
Wire EasySet  (scissor-jawed trap)

A small “hammer” breaks the mole’s spine.
Sweeney’s Deadset Precision (harpoon style trap)

Looks more compact but works harder.
Nash (choker loop trap)

Two loops compress the animal.
Bonide Mole Repellent Granules (10lbs)

Based on castor oil, covers 5,000 sq ft.
Sweeney’s Mole Repellent (10lbs)

Based on castor oil. Cost-efficient since covers 10,000 sq ft.
Repellex Mole Repellent (7lbs)

Based on castor oil. Cost-efficient since covers 7,000 sq ft.
Solar Sonic Repellent Spike

Solar-powered. Emits sonic pulses every 25 seconds.
Sweeney’s Mole Repeller Spikes

Solar-powered. Emits sonic pulses every 25 seconds.
Sweeney’s Mole Repeller Spikes

Run on batteries. Covers larger area — 7,500 sq.ft.
Hoont Solar Battery Powered Ultrasonic Repeller

Ultrasound makes rodent leave the area within two weeks.
Tomcat Mole Killer – Worm Poison bait

Simulates larvae or worms preferred by moles.
Sweeney’s Mole Poison Peanuts Bait, 6 Ounce

2-percent zinc phosphide quickly kills moles.
The Giant Destroyer, 8 gas cartridges

When placed into a mole burrow, fills passages with poisonous smoke.

How we tested the Sonic Mole Repellers

UPD: 10/10/2018 Every year my parents have a mole problem: the moles dig through the whole garden and the surrounding area. I’ve long been wondering if the ultrasonic repellents are worth the money, so I’ve decided to figure it out and bought my parents a couple of those vibrating solar-powered devices that you need to pluck into the soil.

Parents installed the repellers in May and didn’t check them until September. Overall, they were quite happy with the gift and kept on saying they didn’t see any mole activity that year.

I arrived in the fall to check on them. I found that one repeller didn’t vibrate (the one installed near the greenery, number #2 on the picture). To figure out when exactly it stopped working was impossible because my parents didn’t check the repellers through summer. But since they didn’t notice any molehills in the vicinity, it had obviously stopped working just before my arrival.

Installation scheme:

  1. A working repeller is installed far from the greenery, there are still no moles around it within 23 ft
  2. The one that broke down – near the greenery
  3. In the foreground, there are three fresh molehills (as of September 2018)

How we tested the Sonic Mole Repellers: photo

Our small experiment showed that such devices, indeed, scare moles away.

But the effectiveness of the repellers varies on a case-by-case basis because if one of them suddenly breaks down, the effectiveness decreases exactly by half.

You can never predict when repellers will break down. Thus, I conclude that this method is effective, convenient, simple, but not reliable.

What You Should Know About Mole Behavior and Habits

Before any war (even the one where a pitched battle will be going on in the backyard), you should better study the opponent thoroughly. But if you have long suffered from them and learned all their habits meanwhile, move straight to the “How to get rid of moles” section.

  1. Moles are pack animals. Experience shows that moles come in large enough communes (up to 5 individuals), so if you caught one, do not relax as 3-4 others are somewhere in hiding.
  2. Moles’ activity peaks in spring and fall. It surges because of rain and at that time moles can cause most damage to your garden.
  3. Moles dig most shallow. As a rule, the depth reaches 10-20 cm, as these layers of soil contain the basic diet of the pests, namely, worms and larvae. There are also deep strokes which are a kind of “emergency” tunnels dug connecting separate sections together.
  4. Moles don’t feed on roots and fruit. It is a common misconception that moles eat roots and thereby systematically destroy your garden. In fact, the roots are destroyed by mere drying caused by undermining.
  5. Moles are strong and smart. The first thing that comes to mind after encountering the first molehill is that “Now I will take a shovel and fill up this hole to the ground, thus solving the problem.” Once it’s done, an unlucky gardener celebrates, but discovers new holes just after a couple of hours. The catch is that the underground predator is not as simple as it seems to be because it is by no means a harmless animal, unlike a hamster. On the contrary, a mole is very strong, so do not even try to stop it with bare hands. A single mole is able to recover a filled hole with the help of the strong clutches within two to three hours. Can you imagine what a whole family is capable of? You won’t be able to make a pass on their poor eyesight as they offset it with phenomenal smell and hearing.

What You Should Know About Mole: photo

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned some common ways of killing moles. It is now high time for the useful and useless people’s tips, which are really worth your attention. Forewarned is forearmed, off we go!

Silly and Ineffective Ways of Not Getting Rid of Moles In the Yard *

*You’d really better not try them

  • The most harmful amateur method. We cannot ignore the popular among careless users method: poisoning the moles with exhaust gases. The hose is connected to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe; the free end is immersed in the wormhole, then turn on the engine. You’ll probably eliminate the pests together with all the useful microorganisms in soil. After these procedures, it can become completely unsuitable for growing anything. Use only ready poison gas bombs.
  • Alternative use of cat’s poop. You’ll need fossilized cat poop from your cat’s tray. Some portions are to be sipped into the wormholes and then covered with earth. There are lots of jokes and memes around this method, as few find it useful while you’ll definitely be able to smell this unforgettable odor. Some more exotic variations involve naphthalene or rotten eggs but lead to exactly the same poor result.
  • Alternative use of sinister howling. Dig an empty wine bottle in the tunnel in a windy spot at 45 degrees. When the wind blows the bottle begins to “howl”, thus scaring off moles. By the way, you will hear howling as well if you choose to relax in the backyard, and no scientific evidence of the efficiency of the method has been provided.
  • Alternative home poison. Add some arsenic to the porridge and lay the resulting substance in the tunnel. Most often, this method does not yield the desired results as the moles just rake poison together with the land. In the worst case, the poisonous treasure could be dug up by your dog.

Truly Effective Ways of Eliminating Moles

  • Alternative two shovels advice from experienced users. Dig up a fresh hole so that after a while the pest arrives to eliminate the opening in its shelter. After that, immediately block the exit with a shovel and dig out the pest with another one. Bear in mind that the sinewy beast will be difficult to hold with bare hands, and the wait for its arrival can be long. It can also bite you.
  • An effective method with a net. First, scare the pack with noise, then dig a round section of 10-15 cm, placing a galvanized net in the trench. Thereafter, the trench is to be filled and forgotten about as now no mole will get through, while worm movement won’t be prevented.
  • Humane Nebraska University Method. Take off the tunnel roof, dig to a sufficient depth to set the bucket, and then put a bucket greased with petroleum jelly in the trench. Cover the roof with the board. Sooner or later, the moles will penetrate through the tunnel, which has become a trap and will fall into the bucket. The walls smeared with petroleum jelly will not let them climb out. After the catch, you will be able to safely deport the intruders away from your place.

If the moles have recently infested your place, it is best to combine a repellent and a galvanized net. However, if the infestation has become disastrous, and it feels like you are the one who is intruding, it’s time to use more serious methods, i.e. acquire traps and poison, and not waste time on gentle ways!

3 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Moles in the Yard

  1. Moles loosen the soil. Loose soil is useful when cropping or taking care of a vegetable garden, but the moles don’t care what they dig! That is why the plants’ roots, lovingly decorated beds and mowed lawns suffer from moles’ attacks. A wormhole certainly won’t decorate your lawn.
  2. Moles destroy worms which are beneficial for the soil. It is common knowledge that earthworms are a kind of underground gardeners maintaining soil fertility. The moles, on the other hand, are voracious and their diet mainly consists of the said earthworms and their larvae. A mole family can completely ruin even the most fertile land in just a season.
  3. Moles are vectors of dangerous diseases ranging from fleas to a pile of nasty diseases including tularemia, piroplasmosis, and even parasites and mites.

termite exterminator

  1. Just dump kerosene down the hole and lite and boom problem solved or just pack the mole hole’s with chicken Poo and bo one like’s living in a smelly room not even a mole.

  2. I can’t decide which is the best mole repellent. I’m thinking of two options: one is castor oil and the other is an ultrasonic repellent. What do you think?

    • I agree with you, but I truly believe that a sonic mole repeller is superior. I feel too sorry for them to kill them, and I don’t trust castor oil is reliable.

  3. The Giant Destroyer, 8 gas cartridges – gooood one

  4. Last year on the edge of the site appeared mounds. I start to rip, and there were the moves of a mole rat, a lover of potatoes and other root crops. Filled them with water, lay down the leaves of hemp. I planted potatoes with beans. As if he had gone. And this year, although there are no bumps yet, but sometimes, the leg falls into the ground. Not otherwise, again I got used to it. How can you get this uninvited guest off the site?

  5. Tomcat. I use it, it’s a very effective products. You could also try using ground mole traps. They either kill rabbits in most cases or injure them.

  6. Arnold, what is the best mole poison that you would recommend?

  7. And I disagree with both of you as I think moles are a living hell. They damage everything they can, so out of principle I use a poison for moles. They get what they deserve. I might switch to repellents once they stop digging all over my yard

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