Top-5 raccoon traps: How to choose a raccoon trap


We are going to give you some advices on raccoon catching. Raccoons are very curious animals, besides, like all dog-like animals, they are always hungry. That is why they can be domesticated so promptly.

Here is the first advice: don’t tame the catched raccoon. Keep in mind that it is a transmitter of diseases and parasites. You are unlikely to cure it quickly. To place a raccoon in quarantine till its full recovery is expensive and rather long.  

The second advice is concerned with the way of catching. A trap is a very cruel device which is most likely to crush the paws and thin heads of animals. Sometimes checking traps is not performed for days and a bleeding animal may suffer more than a day. That is why a cage with a falling door is used more often. If you think about buying electronic traps for raccoons, forget this idea, it is forbidden by law in many states.

Raccoon trap

A cage for a raccoon should be strong. It must have a net with big holes. The flooring is made of thick natural planks which are difficult to gnaw through. The base of a cage is a welded metal frame. As a raccoon bait you may use raw liver with a strong sharp smell, fresh poultry or fish meat, forage for home animals. Strange though it may seem but raccoons like such treating very much. If you decided to keep a forest robber as a pet, you would frequently observe the scene when a raccoon steals the cat food.


We are glad to introduce the brand of Havahart: live catch traps of this brand show the best results in the field of humane catching of raccoons as well as that of trapping squirrels. The following trap is the best to catch raccoons.

Havahart 1079 Live Animal Professional-Style One-Door Raccoon, Groundhog, Opossum, and Stray Cat Cage Trap

4,4 out of 5 stars

Havahart 1079 Live Animal One-Door Trap for racoons

Naturally this trap is slightly larger than the items of a similar kind because it is intended for larger animals – raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, marmots, wild cats and others. This is a real American product, an absolute leader among similar live catch raccoon traps on Amazon that costs $47.42.

The number of captured animals differ in different customers' reviews, but always large: one man shared that in less than 45 days, he caught 13 raccoons using Havahart 1079 Live Trap. He also noted that even after long using of the trap it continued to be intact and non-rusted - while other users have noted that in the outdoors it is destroyed fastly. Conclusion: keep clean your raccoon trap, and it lasts long.

By the way, many people use marshmallow as bait for a trap- it's inexpensive, effective and, importantly, it attracts raccoons, not cats or other animals. You can catch about one raccoon per a night.

It is also important to provide for the fixedness of a trap. One tip about how to get it that gives by one of the users: «I used some camping (tent) stakes and tied nylon ties to them so I could pull the stakes out safely with some pliers using the nylon ties». More tips you'll find on

Price: ~$46 Check the current price

Perhaps you already know what raccoons live near your home, if they behave disgracefully for a long time. If they are large, you should pay attention to Havahart 1081 Live Animal Large Raccoon Trap (~$87.43). It has heavy-duty construct and, according to promises of the manufacturer, is used by professional trappers, too.

Raccoon bait

In addition to ordinary raccoon baits, such as raw meat, there are manufactured products such as  natural lures (since the aim is not to kill a raccoon but just to lure it into a live catch trap). If you are not willing to deal with human food and prefer manufactured raccoon baits, we advise to use the next item.  Read our product review:

Pro-Pest Professional Raccoon Lure/Bait

3.4 out of 5 stars

Pro-Pest Professional Racoon Lure/BaitWe recommend adding non-toxic Pro-Pest Raccoon Bite to meat or any other bait to achieve better results. Just imagine, raccoons are fond even of watermelons and not only that. Amazon customers give some tips about using this lure:

1. "Take half an apple, put 2 tablespoons of bait on the top - and put it in a cage. Everything is ready, raccoons in a cage! "

2. "Using this lure I caught 3 raccoons for a week, I do not understand why some complain that it does not work for them".

3. "At first I was surprised by the small size of the package (but in fact it only costs $14.95), and then I saw that it works: 4 raccoons was caught. By the way, to keep a strong fruity smell of the bait, store it in a tight package zip".