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Best Fly Traps & Repellents – 10 Ways to Kill Flies in 2022

No one likes flies. We associate them with trash, feces  and viruses which can torment your household and infect your food. They are a nuisance to any outdoor get together, and follow you indoors as well. Flies can also damage your garden plants and crops. Of course, you have to get rid of them.

What is the best fly killer? Traps and bug zappers are the most effective ways to get rid of flies. However, traps containing baits are more attractive to flies than UV-light zappers. But the latter is a more convenient and durable option. The choice is yours!

1. Rescue Disposable Fly Trap
This powerful trap catches up to 20,000 flies. It comes with an effective attractant, all you need to do is add water. The product is disposable, safe for people and isn’t toxic.

RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap – Disposable, Outdoor Use - 2 Traps

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2. Victor Reusable Trap
This product contains the longest-lasting non-poisonous bait on the market. It controls a wide range of fly species and can be reused after cleaning. Use it outdoors.

TERRO T380 Outdoor Reusable Fly Magnet Fly Trap - Poison Free Fly Killer and Trap with Bait

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3. Aspectek Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper
This powerful bug zapper attracts flies using two UV light bulbs and kills them with an electric grid. The removable tray for dead insects is washable and easy-to-use.

ASPECTEK 20W Indoor Bug Zapper, Powerful UV Bugs Lamp Attract Insects and 2800V Grid Kills Flying Insects, Includes 2 Replacement Bug Lights

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4. Flowtron BK-40D Outdoor Electronic Insect Killer
This outdoor fly killer boasts 1-acre coverage and has a stylish design. It is energy efficient as it comes with a 15W UV-light bulb, which is as bright as 40W.

Flowtron Bug Zapper, 1 Acre of Outdoor Coverage with Powerful 40W Bulb & 5600V Instant Killing Grid with Mounting Bracket & Mosquito Attractant Cartridge

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But first you need to pause and figure out which insects fly around your house. There are many kinds of flies. Let’s list some of the most popular ones.

  • If your house looks like an airport with a whole bunch of huge fighter aircrafts taking off and racing around, then you definitely have houseflies. These buzzing creatures fly laps under the ceiling and land on your food and thus can contaminate it. This species got used to civilized life so much that you can barely encounter it out in the wild. Other than the house itself they also love settling near the sewage, as well as stables, barns and other farm buildings.
  • If some black “fluffy” moths are flying out of the sink, they are drain (sewer) flies. They live in the sewage or wet rotting trash. We have already explained how to get rid of them in our article Best Products for Killing Drain (Sewer) Flies.
  • Other tiny moths, fruit flies, prefer fermented fruit, jam, beer and wine. They are attracted by the fermentation odor and thus they live and breed there – it’s better to get rid of them using effective fruit fly trap.

People often can’t identify different types of flies and call all of them houseflies. In fact, they have lots of relative species, such as cluster (attic) flies, which only breed in the wet soil, parasitizing the worms. Adult attic flies can fly in your house in large quantities at the end of summer or in the beginning of spring.

Other houseflies’ distant cousins are blow flies and flesh flies (they usually infest in untenantable rooms, such as attic or basement) and their emergence means there is a dead animal somewhere, usually a rat or a mouse. That’s why you should clean-up twice as thoroughly if you’re using poisonous rat baits, or else there will be more home pests at your place.

The issue we’ll focus on today will be how to get rid of house flies, since this is the most annoying home pest species.


1. Victor M380 Fly Magnet 1-Quart Reusable Trap with Bait

TERRO T380 Outdoor Reusable Fly Magnet Fly Trap - Poison Free Fly Killer and Trap with Bait

This is a popular low-cost  fly trap. This is a versatile product which, according to the manufacturer, will be useful against most types of flies, including house flies and blow flies. Wasps and bees won’t get trapped there though.

Victor Fly Reusable Trap is a high-contrast black and white trap. The insects are supposed to fly right into the diamond-shaped cap of the bottle and disappear there forever and ever.

Victor Fly Reusable Trap: Check the current price

These traps are intended for outdoor use so you can draw flies away from your home before they can get inside. It is recommended to place multiple traps around the perimeter of your home, approximately 10 to 30 feet apart.

Initially the trap was claimed to be reusable, i.e. it can be used more than once. If you rinse it, pour a new portion of the attractant and if necessary buy Victor M383 Fly Magnet Bait (Check the current price). Some customers also suggest making the mixture yourself.

Victor M383 Fly Magnet Bait, 3 Pack, 9 Packets

What have the consumers got to say about the trap? Some of them claim that the trap works too well, and that even outdoor flies are attracted by it (and they are most certainly unwelcome in your house!).

The attractant lures the flies into the trap, but doesn’t let them escape. The bait is non-poisonous so it’s safe for use around children and pets, as well as the environment.

This is the price you’ll have to pay for your peace. You’ll probably have to see for yourself whether it is really as disgusting as the customers claim, as the product is affordable.

Victor M383 Fly Magnet Bait: Check the current price

2. Sterling Rescue (2 Pack) Outdoor Disposable Fly Catcher, Trap with Attractant

RESCUE! Big Bag Fly Trap – Disposable, Outdoor Use - 2 Traps

This trap is also rather inexpensive. The idea of the Outdoor Fly Catcher by Rescue is the same as that of the previous trap. The plastic reservoir is pre-filled with an attractant (which is safe for humans). Unlike the Victor product this trap is not reusable.

It’s convenient that the trap is sold in the pack of two items which are easy to throw out once they get filled up. Many customers admit that it’s easier and more pleasant for them to buy non-reusable fly traps and change them once a week, for instance, rather than having to empty the nasty reusable ones.

By the way, more experienced users of this product recommend hanging it as far as you can from where you usually hang out in your backyard, so that nothing spills or smells later on.

The manufacturers promise that Fly Catcher Trap can deal with house flies, cluster flies, lance flies, screwworm flies, flesh flies, false stable flies, blow flies and bottle flies and that over 20,000 flies of different size can fit into a single trap. They aren’t lying since many customers “complain” that they didn’t know that there were SO MANY flies near their house, until they’ve seen how fast the traps get filled up.

Tricks and tips

The fly traps work! I leave them up 3 to 4 weeks but they can start to stink, and they do fill up with flies. So I have some tips for use.

1. Put them far away from doors or windows or where you are going to hang out.

2. When you throw them out, do it when it’s cooler(evening or early morning), they don’t stink as much.

3. Use bailing wire when hanging. I knotted cable via the eye on the top of the trap. To make certain the fly traps are simple to remove, I utilize hooks that hold the bags away from the wall surface, about an inch, so there is room to slide a trash bag over the trap while its dangling. Then you can seal the trash bag and dispose and not have to deal with the smell or maggots.

There are few negative reviews, and some of them deal with the maggots breeding on dead trapped flies, which can crawl out of the trap. But these larvae can infest any similar trap, it is practically inevitable. All you have to do to prevent this is to act according to the manual and not leave any gaps in the plastic bags which can serve as a road to freedom for the larvae”.

Rescue fly trap: (pack of 2) Check the current price

How to Catch and Kill Flies: Insect Zappers

These light traps electrocute the insects. They are designed for combating all flying bugs, including flies.

3. Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron Bug Zapper, 1 Acre of Outdoor Coverage with Powerful 40W Bulb & 5600V Instant Killing Grid with Mounting Bracket & Mosquito Attractant Cartridge

Flowtron is the best outdoor bug zapper on the market. We have already covered this zapper in our Flowtron Insect Killer Review, when we spoke about exterminating the mosquitoes.

This device can also deal with dozens of other insects, such as flies, gnats and others. It works with replaceable UV bulbs (just like other zappers), the light of which attracts most (or maybe all) of the flying insects, especially at night. Then they die of killing grid electrocution. The zapper’s coverage of killing is ½ acre.

Flowtron: Check the current price

Essential reading: Indoor and Outdoor Zappers Review

4. Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

ASPECTEK 20W Indoor Bug Zapper, Powerful UV Bugs Lamp Attract Insects and 2800V Grid Kills Flying Insects, Includes 2 Replacement Bug Lights

Such a device as the Electronic Indoor Insect Killer Zapper is great for indoor use. It can protect even a large territory from constant fly attacks. Even shop and warehouse owners can buy this zapper as its use there is completely justified.

This indoor fly zapper lures flies to their doom, and other annoying insect pests! Bonus! They fly into the grid where they are immediately zapped. It is double sided and has a protective cage to prevent accidental contact with the grid by people or pets. Safety is important. The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit collects dead insects, and is washable to make maintenance fast and simple.

Aspectek: Check the current price

5. Fly Web | Indoor Fly Trap

Gardner - Fly Traps Indoor for Home, Indoor Bug Trap, Plug in Bug Catcher Indoor, Fly Catcher Indoor, Gnat Traps for House Indoor Plug in, Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors, Flying Insect Trap Indoor(Grey)

Another invention which is deadly for the flies is the spiral Fly Web Indoor Sticky Fly Trap. According to the manufacturer, the Fly Web attracts the insects (flies, gnats and other flying insects) with UV light, like a small insect zapper. It doesn’t fry its victims; the flies are instead drawn toward the light and get stuck to the tape, which, obviously, has to be changed from time to time.

Inside the trap, there is a double 9-watt light bulb which emits light within 600 ft around. There are no smells, no chemical substance, all you need is electricity and therefore a regular outlet. The device won’t work without it.

We advise buying several items at once and hanging them in dark spots to attract more bugs to the light. It uses UV (ultraviolet) light to attract the flying insects. So, it’s best not to place it in a brightly lit areas. Also, the “UV” output of the bulb diminishes over time. So, replace the bulb at the beginning of the season.

What are the drawbacks of using this trap? First, it attracts moths, butterflies and other harmless creatures. Second, adhesive tape is not the most aesthetically pleasing means of killing insects. Third, you will always have to buy some accessories for the trap. Finally, note the activity pattern of your flies. If they are most active during the day, then, perhaps, this trap will be useless, as it works best at night.

UV light trap: Check the current price

6. Catchmaster 904-12 Clear Window Fly Trap, 12-Pack

Window Fly Traps by Catchmaster - 96 Count, Ready to Use Indoors. Insect, Bugs, Fly & Fruit Fly Glue Adhesive Sticky Paper - Waterproof Easy Application Ready Disposable Non-Toxic

Yet another popular indoor fly trap – Catchmaster window sticky fly trap which traps flies where they hang out most. As customers say it is a really good thing every home should have year round, as there’s almost certainly tiny bugs in your house that you weren’t aware you had.

Catchmaster: Check the current price

How to Get Rid Of Flies in the House: The Most Unusual, Exotic and Fun Ways

As you have already understood, fighting pests is a serious and important business. But you can make even such unpleasant undertaking as getting rid of house flies a bit more fun. We’ve made a list of the most extraordinary fly control products, check it out!

7. BUG-A-SALT 2.0

BUG-A-SALT Yellow 3.0

The Bug-A-Salt is a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies right away. One charge will be enough for about 50 shots. This is a surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it!

This spray is great for killing flies, small spiders and other flying and crawling insects that don’t have a hard exoskeleton like wasps, big bugs and cockroaches do.

This gun is made from plastic, so be ready to lube all the spots according to the manual, use WD-40 or other oil aerosols. But if your kids have become keen on this toy, use only food-safe oil in order not to potentially harm them with artificial oil.

Bug-A-Salt Gun: Check the current price

8. The Executioner Fly Swatter Zapper

The Executioner Fly Killer Mosquito Swatter Racket Wasp Bug Zapper Indoor Outdoor Over 50cm Long

This zapper is an electric tennis racquet, which the fly has to hit in order to get electrocuted. This isn’t a typical way to kill several flies, is it?

Of course, if your house is infested with flies, your arms will soon get tired. However, if the fly infestation isn’t very serious, this swatter zapper will be suitable. Getting rid of flies will become a fun, active and safe activity.

The swatter needs 2 regular AA batteries (which are included) and according to the customer feedback, it deals with the house and other flies well if they are not too big (it will simply stun huge insects, but you’ll have the time to finish them).

Fly Swatter: Check the current price

Zap Racket Handheld Lightweight Electronic Fly Zapper Racket is a complete analog of the previous product. It functions in the same way, but the design is a bit different (if you love the red color and superheroes).

The biggest disadvantage of such handheld shockers and toys like salt guns is that they are really unhygienic. Big zappers have a special large trap for the dead flies, and in case of these swatters, the flies will simply drop on the floor. You also need to have good eye to use them, as you’ll have to aim or attack as accurately as possible.

9. Small Venus Flytraps (Dionaea Muscipula) Carnivorous Plant

3 Small Venus Flytraps - Fly Trap - (Dionaea Muscipula) Carnivorous Plant 3 Inch Pot

Yes, please, don’t be surprised that this is featured in our review. Venus Flytraps are long known for food habits, as in the wildlife they inhabit swampy soils poor with nutrition and thus are obliged to feed on the insects, particularly the flies, in order to extract said nutritious elements. You can either replant it in the garden or leave it as a house plant on a windowsill where it will do its job and kill the flies.

Here’s what the users say about this wonderful plant: This little guy is awesome, it’s killing all the flies that get into the house. I’ve put it by my kitchen garbage can and it works well; just make sure it gets lots of light”. It seems like this small and cute protecting plant won’t harm any home!

Venus Flytraps, plant: Check the current price.

How to Keep Flies Away with Fly Repellents

Let’s get back to some serious products. Several repellents can be found among best selling pest control products.

10. Hot Shot 5580 No Pest Strip Unscented Hanging Vapor Insect Repellent

Hot Shot No-Pest Strip, Pack of 1

This is a small stripe in a protective container for indoor use which is saturated with chemicals. Hang it on the infected territory and it will begin working by emitting poisonous vapor for flies. Humans can’t even feel it, while the flies within 10-13 ft of the repellent will not feel well.

No Pest Strips can be used in the attic, basement, garage, boat and near garbage cans. According to the users, this doesn’t suit well the inhabited areas. Be careful, you can only use it in the rooms where people spend under 4 hours per day!

What do buyers say?

«We have had fruit flies in your home for almost 3 years. Mainly in the cooking area. I attempted a few various other things then I found the Hot Shot No-Pest Strip2.  When I bought it and checked out the label, I thought that this thing can’t be utilized in a house at all. Because it is a pesticide, and states that it should be used in “spaces occupied by people less than 4 hours per day”.  I hung it up in a hallway initially as well as it decreased the variety of flies well. This was the only product that has actually worked for us. Keep in mind it’s not a sticky-type trap, it produces a pesticide. So do not search for flies inside the strip. Give it a few days and also you should see results also».

The fact that this repellent contains chemicals is a bit disturbing. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s label and especially don’t use it near food. Nevertheless, hundreds of Americans were charmed by the low price of this product. This is a real cost-saving item; you only have to replace it once in 4 months, and all you have to do for this is buy some new poisonous strips.

It’s interesting that some of the customers take these strips along when they go camping as a body-pack repellent for ticks and large flies. According to the feedback, this works!

Fly repellent: Check the current price

Natural Fly Repellents

Natural remedies are always more attractive than artificial chemical products. Mind the peculiarities of mosquitoes in order to repel flies, as the latter are repelled by pretty much the same things—namely, citronella, lavender, eucalyptus, cedar, clove, mint, garlic, lemongrass and others.

You can plant them in the yard, use a mixture of essential oils dissolved in the water and then apply on the body or spray the furniture with it, for example. If you’re looking for a ready-to-use fly repellent, pay attention to the next spray.

11. Farnam Equisect Fly Repellent – Protecting pets from flies

Farnam Equisect Botanical Fly Repellent for Horses, Dogs and Cats, 32 Ounces, Quart Spray

Many are worried about protecting their pets from flies. Dogs, horses, cows and other livestock suffer the most. Farnam Equisect Fly Repellent was designed especially for protecting the cattle, but it can also be used as an indoor fly repellent.

It is based on the first pyrethrum. Other than that, it also contains botanical and essential citronella and clove oils, thyme stems and other components which make it a natural fly repellent. The product has a high rating and an affordable price.

As for the effectiveness, the customers note that the flies dislike this spray and escape soon after the repellent has been sprayed in the air or on the furniture. The product is especially popular as a dog mosquito and flies repellent, as its organic components allow pet owners to spray it right on the dogs’ fur without fearing anything.

Equisect, organic fly repellent: Check the current price

You may also be interested in our Best Mosquito Repellents Review

Garden Flies: How to Identify and Exterminate Them?

House flies or fruit flies are usually easy to identify indoors. What would you do in the garden, when it is suddenly infested with some flying insects? Are they flies or are they someone else?

Without any doubt, you can encounter cluster flies, which don’t care about your flowers and fruit and parasitize the worms in the ground. If you see some weird insects in your backyard, most likely they want something, your crops and plants for example.

  1. Whiteflies. These small moths feed on plants’ juices, they love citrus fruit especially. They have long white wings which look like they’ve been dipped in flour, hence the name.
  2. Aphids are small green or pink insects (which can also fly by the way). They love fresh plants’ juice, especially that of flowers. It is also known for leaving a sweet substance which attracts other insects. As a result, the plant either dies after being endlessly attacked by the aphids or is on the brink of life and death.
  3. Mites and other non-flying insects can also do harm to your crops and peace of mind.

You can get rid of all these pests with the help of special poisons containing fatty acids. These acids damage the cell membranes of many soft-bodied insects including aphids, whiteflies, mites and others, instantly killing them. That’s exactly how our next product functions.

Garden Safe Insecticidal Soap

Garden Safe 32 oz. Insecticidal Soap Ready-to-Use, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

This product is supposed to be used on plants in the garden or at home. It kills the insects when comes in contact with them and is made of fatty acids of plant origin.

A single bottle of the Garden contains 24 oz of this dangerous liquid. Why is it dangerous for insects? It contains potassium salts of fatty acids, this substance can literally dissolve moths, aphids and other insects.

According to users, it doesn’t kill bees and ladybugs. It also doesn’t cause any discomfort for humans. Though, it’s better not to use it near sweet peas, ferns and young seedlings. It won’t do harm to other plants.

To sum it up, we’ll say that this is a great option for the gardeners. Nevertheless, this has no long-term effect and is designed for “direct hit”.

Insecticidal soap: Check the current price

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  2. I will recommend the Fly Web Fly Trap. I use this trap and see great results. It is also gratifying that she catches various insects, and not just house flies. We did not even suspect how many flies we have in our house

  3. This summer has become quite unpredictable for us, not only that it is unbearably hot, so even bugs are tired, which do not give rest. We hang mosquito nets but they will not step on. We decide to buy the Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer. How does he work? Effective in use or not?

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