We simply can’t imagine SUCH an amount of mosquitoes. You are likely to be slightly shocked, aren’t you? Be sure, everything is right! It’s a real mega catch mosquito trap! What particular model of traps is spoken about? Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive!

However, speaking about the Mosquito Magnet brand, we mean the whole series of powerful and demanded models. What is there in common about all of them? Thanks to what pros have, they have become one of the leaders of the market full of varied products fighting against mosquitoes? And the most important question: What product is cooler, «Independence», «Patriot» or «Executive»? We will answer all these questions in our review!

Mosquito Magnet Family: How it Works

Any product from Mosquito Magnet is a complex device worked out on the base of scientific and technological advances. According to the designer’s words, the firm has been working in this field of developing for over 18 years. The result is 15 patents for goods tested by time and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Mosquito Magnet is a propane mosquito trap. Their chief “bait” is CO2, the gas attracting mosquito females. They perceive it as the trace of human vital activities (we exhale CO2 at breathing) and rush upon the “killing machine”. There, tiresome insects are sucked into a vacuum catch where they perish due to dehydration after 24 hours. As any propane trap, Mosquito Magnet models release heat and fluid along with CO2, which are additional factors to attract the insects.  

Mosquito Magnet works, using changeable propane tanks. Nevertheless, the designers of this firm understand how to save gas: One balloon lasts almost a month, more precisely – 21 days. Other parts also require changing from time to time: Filters, quick clear adapters and attractants.  

Mosquito Magnet Propane Traps

How do Mosquito Magnet traps differ from other market players?

The difference lies in details. For example, there are technologies that provide the convenient and effective use of the device. Here is the list of the advantages of these brand traps:

  1. “Secondary attractant”. Carbon dioxide, fluid, and heat are not the only baits used by Mosquito Magnet. There is a choice of certified baits which may be divided into 2 categories: Octenol and Lurex3. The choice is determined by the region of using. «Lurex3» is appropriate to the inhabitants of southern regions, while «Оctenol» and its derivatives – for northerners. By the way, the chief distinction of “Octenol” is its duration: The action of this attractant lasts two times longer. This bait is very appropriate to waterside towns.
  2. Smart” propane consumption. All models of Mosquito Magnet are provided with well thought-out propane consumption regulation and control systems. Moreover, the most expensive models have an intuitive digital display to program the propane consumption.
  3. Considerable coverage. Area up to one acre is guaranteed against mosquito attacks, thanks to any Mosquito Magnet trap.  Of course, weather conditions such as a strong wind or a heavy rain may impact the work of the device. But, in general, Mosquito Magnet is the “weapon” of mosquito mass hitting.   
  4. Wireless working mode. The earliest Mosquito Magnet models could work only on the condition of being plugged in. Up-to-date versions of MM use strong accumulators. Though, a meter-long wire is also foreseen in the complete set, as a purchaser may require the “non-stop 24/7” work of the trap.  
  5. Safety for allergic persons and children. Fortunately, traps like the Mosquito Magnet do not imply using pesticides or any other insecticides. They are even safer than classical repellents, i.e. can’t harm allergic persons. Of course, like all propane traps, they can’t be used indoors. When used outdoors, they are harmless both for people and pets. Even the odor of attractants can be felt only at a very near distance. This odor is felt by people as a pleasant mushroom forest air rather than a poison. 
  6. Simple and reliable utilization of victims. Typically, mosquitoes can get out of home-made traps easily. In the case of MM traps, victims can’t but stay inside. A hard net inside the device will hold insects reliably. What is also important, this net is easily cleaned and changed.   
  7. Accumulating effect. The chief difference of Mosquito Magnet from other products against mosquitoes, such as mini-traps, aroma-candles, and mosquito repellents, is its accumulating effect. Mosquito Magnet hits exactly the population: After setting it up, you will notice the mosquito population decreasing after seven days, resulting in a significant decrease after about a month. But remember to change propane tanks and attractants in good time.

«Executive», «Independence» and «Patriot» Reviews – Which is Better?

The history of Mosquito Magnet started with sales of “Defender” and “Liberty”, the best sellers. Till now, they can be found in the shops of second-hand technical equipment, but they are not manufactured any more. At present, the “chief charger” of Mosquito Magnet includes three models: «Executive», «Independence» and «Patriot». The most powerful of them is, no doubt, «Executive». We will devote the most detailed section of our review to this very device.  Now we will touch on main differential characteristics of «Executive», «Independence» and «Patriot».

Mosquito Magnet Traps: Patriot, Independence, ExecutiveWhy is «Executive» two times more expensive than «Patriot»? The point here is not the strength. Though the sizes are different, the “apparatus filling” is the same in all devices. All of them cover about 1acre of territory and the ventilator of each unit can suck in the same amount of insects. Then why do we have to overpay?   

1. Convenient usage. Unlike other propane traps, most Mosquito Magnet traps do not have a wire, except the small number of them. For example, “Patriot” is powered only by means of a 50 feet-long cord. Sometimes, it’s not convenient, especially when it is necessary for the trap to be set up far from the house or the nearest energy source. “Independence” has 4 chargeable “C” batteries.  What about “Executive”, it is the most advanced unit, as it is provided with an accumulator designed for 24 h of constant work. 

2. Propane economy and “smart” adjustment. The cleverest system of energy and propane economy is installed into “Executive”. Unlike two previous models, there is LCD which allows adjusting. With the help of it, you may choose 1 of 5 Mosquito Magnet working modes. For example, you may make it become switched on/off at certain temperatures. Besides, the improved diagnostics system will inform about the battery starting to be discharged, or propane mouthpiece becoming blocked up. All these engineering solutions will prolong the life of a gas balloon for 9 days. So, the life of “Executive” may last 30 days compared to 21 days in “Patriot” and “Independence”, provided that propane is used economically.

3. Quarantee. Everything is simple here. The company gives a one-year guarantee for “Patriot” and “Independence”, and a two-year guarantee for the more complicated design.

Also, the “elder brothers” are now supplied with a small cart with a pair of wheels for a propane balloon. It will facilitate the transportation of a liters-heavy iron thing.

General Rules of Using Mosquito Magnet Traps

  1. They are recommended to be placed outdoors and not too close to the ground.  All apparatus produce gas heavier than air, i.e., it may fall out on high grass and bushes. That is why any natural obstacle may significantly limit the radius of mosquito “killer” action.     
  2. Try to choose the place of location correctly. (Many purchasers tell that they have been made certain of the relation between the device location and its effectiveness).  Magnet should stand in mosquitoes’ “path”. It is recommended to place the trap between the house and the potential mosquitoes’ source (a pond, a shadowy backwater, a small marsh). Place Mosquito Magnet so as not to let mosquitoes pass the “dead zone” by and get you.   
  3. In the shadow and against the wind”. If you are aware of “big-nosed” insects’ habits, you may determine the ideal location for Mosquito Magnet. Remember that mosquitoes hate the sunlight and prefer hunting in the shadow. Besides, they fly to their victims against the wind, directed by the heat and the smell produced by a person or a trap.   

Brief Review of Models “Patriot” and “Independence”

It’s interesting that, though the technologies used by MM3300B have actual advantages, the old models are still sold well. It is a budget Patriot that is the sale leader in the family of Mosquito Magnet Traps.

Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot

Mosquito Magnet MM4100 Patriot

The most budget friendly and compact device of Mosquito Magnet series, Mosquito Magnet MM4200B, weighs slightly more than 14 kg (the complete set includes a 50-feet cord as well).  

Being used intensely, one propane balloon lasts 21 days. The device is activated mechanically, e.g., by means of the simplest gas balloon regulator.  Мosquito Magnet Patriot is extremely easy to operate– just close it, press the button…that is all! But, unfortunately, there won’t be any notifications about propane having been finished or filters having been blocked up.

When reading the description of the apparatus, we may know that it can fight against all biting flying insects, and a proper bait can increase its effectiveness by 10 times. The “popular rating” of MM4200B is not very high (three stars).


Mosquito Magnet MM3200B Independence

Mosquito Magnet MM3200 Independence

The design of this product has become more streamlined and stylish.

There appeared wheels and batteries of “4C” format. The product is as simple as its precursor at managing and assembling, but then it is slightly bigger and more expensive. Here the same technology Counterflow is applied (sucking in – blowing out). And again, it is necessary to change balloons and renew the net every 21 days.  


Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive

Mosquito Magnet MM3300 Executive Propane Trap

At last we have got the main hero of this review. The model Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive possesses the following principal distinctions:

– good accumulator batteries;
– LCD;
– 5 programmable modes;
– harder net and enlarged collector for mosquitoes.

Pros of Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive Propane Trap:

1. Customers have noted the decrease in the mosquito population. For allergic persons and other patients, this trap may become the only possible way to eliminate mosquitoes:

“…We have had the unit for 6 days and have filled a gallon sized ziplock bag more than half full with mosiquitos…gross!” (Alaska)

“This is one of the most important backyard tools you will ever buy. I live by a marsh. This works so well that I will never be without one in my yard. One of my daughters has eczema and she can’t use bug spray because it bothers her skin. Now she hardly ever gets a bite”.

2. Unlike such models as Mosquito Magnet MM4200B Patriot, it is a cordless unit powered by rechargeable batteries. So, you may choose among the product assortment of the given brand what unit — with or without a cord  — will do for your situation and your territory better.

3. Yes, it is rather expensive but the device really works and this is the main point. All customers agree about it:  

“It ain’t cheap, but life with no mosquitos is priceless”.

“…I leave it running late May to mid August. Well worth the money and I would and will buy another.”

Cons of Product:

1. Indeed, it requires much care (like any other trap): It’s necessary to change propane tanks, clean the reservoir, protect the unit from bad weather, etc.

2. In the opinion of many customers, the material of the apparatus leaves much to be desired:
“For the money I expected a well designed well made product. What I received was a unit made all from plastic. Even the vertical support tube that holds up the expensive trap unit is plastic”.

3. Mosquito Magnet Executive works only in open areas, trees and other plants are irresistible obstacles for it. Though, it is a defect (or rather a characteristic?) of all propane mosquito traps.


If the wrong bait has been selected, you may be disappointed with the trap purchased. Firstly, you should know for sure what kind of mosquitoes is common in your region:

“We purchased the Mosquito magnet a few years back. We ended up sending it back, but what I didn’t realize at the time was that we were using the wrong bait. We used the Octenol cartridges, which apparently repels the mosquitos we have in our area”.


Remember! You’d better use Octenol in northern regions and Lurex3 in southern ones!

Tips from Customers:

1. Protect the device from squirrels. They appear to like chewing propane tank lines, which destroys the device: “You cannot replace the line as it is hard piped into the unit. Thus, I had to patch the line and then wrap it in steel braiding – problem solved, but how many homeowners know how to or want to be bothered with that? It should be designed with a steel reinforced line”.

2. To protect the territory in front of the house as well as the backyard, use 2 traps.

3. If you can, locate Mosquito Magnet in a calm shadowy place, no matter how far it is from the water where mosquitoes live (the corner near the water, without any wind and sunlight — it’s a combo!). In such a place, mosquitoes can feel the odors emitted by the trap better and you will be able to catch more.

4. “…To buy a propane trap is better when it is not mosquito season as then they cost less”.

5. Many customers recommend purchasing an additional replacement net. What for? The insects locked in the propane trap will die not sooner than 24 hours will have elapsed. So, when you pull out a screen to clean it, the mosquitoes which are still alive will fly away (these creatures are very tenacious of life). But if you put it into a freezer, they will be certain to perish.

Mosquito Magnet Executive Replacement Net

6. “You are strongly recommended to have several propane tanks as the supply when it is a mosquito season: while one unit functions, you may take another for re-filling”.

7. One more advice which can help you VERY MUCH, in case your propane tank goes to its end, and you don’t have another one:  even if you believe there aren’t any mosquitoes around, you’d better change a propane tank next 2-3 days or earlier. To fight mosquitoes successfully, it is necessary to turn on the non-stop mode, especially when the mosquito season in your region is in full swing.

8. Considering the experience of customers, you may effectively use both kinds of baits simultaneously (against common mosquitoes and asian tiger mosquitoes): ”I use both Octenol and Lurex baits at the same time, and this works like a charm”.

9. Re-start the trap before every new season, i.e. clean the gas line (use CO2 cartridges), clean a reservoir etc. 

10. If you want to get rid of sand flies, this can help too: “The thing does work and also catches sand flies, which I hate worse than mosquitoes”.

Questions and Answers about Mosquito Magnet MM3300B Executive Mosquito Trap

Does the trap work loudly?

No, you can hear the sound not closer than 5-10 feet. This is like a ventilator which works at a low speed.

Our trap is located opposite the house.  Will it work on mosquitoes inside the house if we open the door?

Sorry, but no.  Against the indoor mosquitoes, you’d better use indoor mosquito zapper, since a propane trap can function only outdoors.

How long can a propane tank work?

A propane tank lasts out for about 3 weeks but not more than 4.

What else should I buy along with the trap itself?

It is necessary to buy a propane tank and a mosquito bait: Octenol or Lurex3.

Also, you may buy additional accessories: a replacement net for Mosquito Magnet Trap and a propane tank cover – this will protect the propane tank from weather precipitations and any other external exposure, and prevent corrosion.

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