Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse Repeller Review

You have mice. You have them at attic or  basement, maybe at garage, shed, hen-house or any other small covered space (as they say, underline what you need)… . What to do if there is no electricity in the infested location or there are some problems with electrical supply and the traps aren’t of use?

Use the electronic repeller!

«But all of them require the electrical power to operate», – would be your reply. Particularly, you are right, but there is an ultrasonic repeller which requires a battery. Have you looked for it? Then we introduce to you – Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse Repeller.

We have composed Product review based on customers’ opinions. Appreciate it at its true value!

Specs of product:

Item Weight: 1.9 ounces
Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
Batteries: one 9V battery required.

Short product description:

  • Battery operated ultrasonic rat and mouse repeller inaudible to the human ear
  • Ideal for homes, garages, loft spaces, outbuildings, sheds and greenhouses
  • Very easy to install and totally safe
  • Humane alternative to chemicals and traps
  • Covers area up to 2500sqft

Pros of Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse Repeller:

  • It drives mice and rats away from house as well as from outbuildings, automobiles, etc.:

“You can’t hear it at all!!! I put it in food cabinet that had been visited by mice and had a ton of food I had to toss. I put a piece of pizza crust right next to it. A week later crust untouched!!!! Haven’t heard a mouse in there since!!”

“works!!!!! Have these in my hunting cabin and camper. Keeps the mice out!!!!!”

“I used it in a small outhouse in the woods and so far so good! I highly recommend it for keeping mice at bay in an enclosed area….”

“Worked great in our camper. I bought another for a crawl space that has no electricity in it. No rodents=happy wife”.

“Must be working because I have not seen signs of rats in my garage (knock on wood) since I put one in there several months ago. I had a rat get up into the engine compartment of my car and do $2100 damage to it. Should have bought one sooner!”

  • It works on roaches, too:

“I live in NYC and because of construction in the area I had an invasion of mice and roaches. This has helped. I have not seen any mice and the roach population has decreased”.


  • You need to change weak batteries more often when it is frosty:

“One drawback is 9V batt. dies in the cold quicker”.

  • No water resistance.

Features of device:

  1. The sound of the given ultrasonic repeller may be heard by cats and dogs so you should be certain that the signal doesn’t irritate your animals before you start to use it: “I think they work well. My cats don’t like them as they must be able to hear the sound”.
  2. The device is one battery operated: “I like the fact that it uses a battery so I can use it when the house electricity is off”, “…worked a lot better than the plug in type we had”.
  3. A large area requires to use more than one repeller: “Good for small area but did not work well in larger room”

Tips from customers:

  • If you use it in a car, (in the glove compartment, for example) you must have windows closed for them to work.

Questions and answers about  Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse Repeller  

Can the irradiated ultrasound penetrate through walls?

According to the official data of the manufacturer, it can’t. If you put a Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mice Repellent on the floor, then ultrasound will remove into the direction up-down along walls. If the device is placed sideways, then the irradiation will be jumping to the side, pushing from the walls without penetrating through them.   We advice to direct the electronic repeller towards the proposed location or future activities of alive “threat” when installing it.

Shall this repeller operate under my mobile wheeled house?

You’d better place the device not under the van but inside it, one or more depending on the size of your home.

Is ultrasonic repeller of this brand resistant to the exposure of rain and snow?

This ultrasonic pest repeller is not water-proof that is why water will decrease its defensive ability. However, we don’t advice to put it into the water protective packet since the efficiency of waves’ work will decrease significantly.  The conclusion: the device is not recommended to be placed in open air.

How long will a battery last?

In practice, it depends: maybe, for 2 months, maybe, as long as 6. Probably, it depends upon a batteries manufacturer: don’t be greedy and you will change batteries seldom.

P.S. The set doesn’t include a battery.

Will an electronic repeller keep away raccoons and rabbits?

The given repeller will not, so you’d better use Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light against raccoons.

As far as I can understand, the ultrasound requires a hard surface to be irradiated from it  — will the repeller work at the attic with glass fiber isolation?

Probably, it will not, because glass fiber is porous substance and it will absorb ultrasound and eliminate the efficiency of the device.

Can I use peppermint in combination with the repeller just to be quite sure in the efficiency of the struggle against rodents?

Yes, if you are too much concerned, then take cotton wool balls, moisten them with peppermint oil and put them into those places which are especially attractive for mice, for example, cupboards and the engine compartment of car. Two effective products – repeller and mint – will work better if combined.

Pestbye Electronic Repeller: photo

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