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Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun Review

We introduce to you an ultramodern device capable to manage the problem of flying and creeping troubles with the help of ordinary salt. This innovative projectile has got more than 500 thousand of dollars at crowdfunding: a great number of people have believed in it.   Now it’s your turn to become acquainted with the thing.

Short product description:

The Bug-A-Salt shoots a shotgun spray of regular table salt and decimates flies on contact. A surefire fun way to enjoy a disgusting task. Rid your house of all those pesky pests and have a blast while doing it.

  • Uses ordinary table salt
  • No batteries required
  • 50 Shots before reloading
  • Pop-up sight indicator
  • Warranty for broken parts provided by manufacturer.

Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 2.2 x 6.5 inches ; 3 ounces

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds

Guidelines on using of Bug-A-Salt Gun :

Let’s understand how to manage such a toy:

1. Open the box.
2. Ask your wife where the salt is.(If you are not yet married, then you know where the salt is, so skip this point as well as the following one).
3. Wait for the arrival of salt. If Hell has frozen over and the arrival of said salt has still not come, you may need to remove your rear from your chair, walk into the kitchen and look for it yourself. This may seem like extreme measures, but we’re pulling for you.
4. Put the salt into the gun (about 2 tablespoons).
5. Sweep away under the sofa what you have scattered around.
6. With an effort pull the handle of breech-block towards you, then return it back.
7. Ready! Such a charge will be enough for about 50 shots. This is a lot more fun than a fly swatter by far! Good hunting!

S.P.I. If you gave young children that are going to hunt flies, first perform all points, also tell them about our tips about using, which you will read at the end of the article. Be certain to tell them about safety, make sure they wear eye protection and know not to shoot anything but flies. Now you may allow your little hunters to get to the war against insects!

Read our full review based on customers reviews:

Pros of Bug-A-Salt Gun:

  • This is a surprising thing, two-in-one: both an amusement and a benefit for your home. Extra bonus: salt is always available:
  1. “ I like the Ninja Way of catching them out of midair. It’s a more honorable death, I think”.
  2. “Trying to get your kids to exercise? Give ’em a nickel for every fly carcass that is presented to you. A quarter for every one of those horse flies they bring to you. Flies ruining your barbecue/ picnic? Bust the Bug-A-Salt out and look like a total badass. Need some salt on the burger while I’m at it? While the bug-a-salt is a little pricey, it is well worth the hours of entertainment it is sure to provide”.
  3. “This thing literally blew the legs off one of the flies! Sometimes I can’t even find the fly after it gets blown away. What a great invention!”
  4. “If you have disposable income and have ever had a fly in the house that you haven’t been able to swat easily, this is worth your money. When my wife sees a fly now she yells ‘Get your gun!’ and I grab it with a giant grin on my face and set to the hunt”.
  • Bug-A-Salt is a fine present for any man for any holiday, Christmas or Father’s Day, Birthday or any other:
  1. “If you’re shopping for a man, this should be high on the list of things you can buy for any guy”.
  2. “I bought this for my father in law for Father’s Day. It has been a huge hit in their house!! The gears got stripped after a couple months…I contacted the company and they sent new gears for free! Works like a charm now! My father in law brags about it every time someone new comes out to the house! He loves it!”
  3. “Would recommend for the person in your life that is hard to find gifts for”.
  4. “I love this gun and I have never had a more fun toy like this in ages!! I am buying 6 right now for my family for Christmas because all my bro’s MUST own one of these; which prompted me to write this review”.

Cons of product:

The back-sight of the gun is not good enough. Take more accurate sight and move closer.


  • Gun is made from plastic.
  • Be ready to lube all the areas that the instructions tell you. Without it this gun may not work as well as you want. Use WD-40 or other oil aerosols. But if your kids have become keen on this toy, use only food-safe oil in order not to harm them potentially with chemical oil.
  • It works great at killing flies, small spiders and other flying and crawling insects that don’t have a hard exoskeleton like wasps, big bugs and cockroaches.

Tips from customers:

1. You’d do better to shoot at close range, it will give more chances for success (about 3 to 4 foot range).
2. “I also recommend wearing eye protection, I have on previous hunts had ricochet off of screen door up to four feet”.
3. Don’t use it towards people, pets or other animals. It may hurt them. You have to explain this to your kids thoroughly.
4. Don’t use household soda, pepper or any other food product instead of salt. Grains of salt work like shotgun pellets, and grains of soda are too fine-ground that may cause a damage of the gun or its clogging up.

What do people think after they have tried to shoot out of Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun?

“I am an avid fisherman in the south Texas area. During the warm months my boat will often load up with flies. These flies are vicious. They look like ordinary house flies but they bite and the bites really hurt. Often they bite me on the ankle (even through socks). I then grab my hat and swat them which hurts me more than them. They are very fast and usually escape. Last week I received my Bug a Salt and took it fishing. The flies invaded but weren’t in the biting mood. No matter…I wanted some revenge for past assaults. So I showed them the business end of my new “Bug Gun”. This thing really works and seems solid and built to last! It’s like any gun…you have to be able to hit your target. But when you do, they do not escape. Sometimes it’s instant death but often he’s not a “fly” anymore…just a “walk” or more like a hobble with tattered wings. This is very satisfying. And almost more fun than fishing. But I do wonder what other fishermen will think when they see this mad man running around in his boat, shooting what looks like a nurf gun at unseen enemies, and hooting with pleasure at the results. Priceless!”

Price: Check the current price

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2 thoughts on “Bug-A-Salt Original Salt Gun Review”

  1. I don’t understand the Guy in the first video claims bug a salt gun only kills flies, I have one too and I killed flies, cockroaches, silverfust, and a spider, I’m tempted to leave pictures of the salted cockroaches, maybe he did not aim correctly, I point gun slightly below the insect. Works works works. Best thing I ever paid for in my life.

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