Top 3 of The Best Motion Activated Sprinklers

You are lucky, and your house is situated in a fine, healthy environment. Or maybe you are a town resident and owner of a cozy country house surrounded by lots of beautiful trees. Usually you spend your free time lying in hammock together with a book and a red wine glass.

A wonderful picture, isn’t it? Surrounded by fresh air and pure nature, you are frequented by various and numerous forest inhabitants – squirrels, deer, skunks, beavers, foxes…. Living in paradise, you are sure to have neighbors. Sometimes you can see their cats and dogs walking across your lawn.

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Why are Wild Animals Dangerous?

Unfortunately, the close contact with fauna is pleasant only for a while. Very soon you will be unpleasantly surprised by the neighboring cats’ excrement in the limits of your own territory. Inadequate dogs may attack your family members. Have you fed forest animals? My congratulations! They will never leave you! Of course, they are not malicious, they are simply natural. And animals will come and take what they need without your permission – foods on the table, fruits and vegetables in your garden – all of these are common property now.

Besides, wild animals may harm your family members – especially children – both physically and mentally. A wild animal simply reacts on a “danger,” this is its natural manner.  But there occurred cases of animals getting into ventilation passage or under canalization lattice and finding no way out, or cases of animals biting the electrical cables, etc. A child may discover the carcass and, as a result, get a psychological trauma. And what about birds? You should consider the possibility of birds stealing small home poultry and fruits.

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If all above mentioned is true for you or may become true soon, it’s high time to solve the problem of your yard safety. You may construct an enormous fence. Or place traps and scatter poison. But the possibility is great that your own animals will eat poison or get into traps sooner than unwanted guests. So, the best solution is to use water sprinklers.

To begin with, let’s define what Motion Activated Sprinkler is. This is a small unit that, after placing it in any convenient place, can fix a moving object by means of a motion sensor, and throw a powerful water jet into the needed direction. This way of pests struggling is absolutely safe, humane and inexpensive.

How to choose motion activated sprinkler?

Products of this group are all made in a rather simple way, some key parameters should be considered first.

  • Type of fastening – the manner to fix the unit so it wouldn’t fall. Commonly, it is a pin which makes up 15-20 % of total unit length, it is inserted into ground. It is the most comfortable way.  There are models without fastening, positioned on a wide stand. They may be used as well, though they are less steady.
  • Sensor of motion – The “eyes” of our unit. First of all, it must be present. Next, various options may come. A useful option is the possibility to customize sensitivity, thanks to it you may determine an intruder by its weight: squirrel, dog or elk. An additional pro is the possibility to regulate the detector position. This is important in case your chief enemy is a bird, the sensor directed towards ground won’t be able to notice it.
  • Water jet power that may be regulated is a pro. There may be different situations. The water jet enough for an impudent neighboring dog may be too strong for light squirrels. We should distinguish and balance.
  • Type of feeding – various ways are possible: accumulators, solar batteries, electrical circuit.  Batteries have an excellent mobility, but require recharging. Solar supply means independent charging and fine transporting, but batteries are worn out. Electrical circuit means no spending for batteries, but then mobility is reduced. What do you prefer? Decide for yourself.
  • Prices: an average price of Motion-Activated Sprinklers: battery operated$60-$90, solar powered – .

 So, we have determined at last what we do want to make our family quite safe. Now we are ready to think over the choice.

Тop 3 Best Electronic Motion Activated Sprinklers

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler review

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated SprinklerOne of the best products of the given group. The preference of this product by purchasers is conditioned by many factors, so let’s begin with the very beginning. The first thing that I personally have appreciated highly is the material used to make the product and the design on the whole.  Metallic and quite hard construction makes you sure that neither wind nor enemies would be able to remove it from its place.  The design is up-to-date, matte black color won’t attract unnecessary attention and will permit the device to frighten enemies imperceptibly.

Orbit 62100 Motion Activated Sprinkler is assembled of several parts; this facilitates its transportation and storage at home. Motion sensor may be regulated by two planes. It is convenient for system calibration before working.

Right under the sensor there is a battery section. 4 AA batteries perform the supply and last for 7.500 cycles. The unit is very power-efficient. Outside there are regulation buttons – levers of watering duration and distance. The switch of timing offers the following modes: “day only,” “night only,” “always on,” and “off.” So, it allows you to use the device only when it is comfortable for you. There is also a “patrol” mode – every 30 minutes watering. Though, in my opinion, this last mode isn’t very rational, as animals are clever and adapt easily to watering timing.

The following will be especially pleasant for the fans of tower defense games: Plants vs Zombie, Heroes of Knight, etc. If you have a watering system, you include Orbit into it, and get a completely guarded perimeter – motion sensor gets activated and all connected taps start working. Your enemy has got into the trap and has to escape, wet and oppressed. , you get a reliable protection for your land, tested by many customers.

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent 2.0 review

Havahart 5266 Spray Away Motion Activated Sprinkler Animal Repellent Of course, we are biased: we like Havahart for its Havahart One-door Animal Trap 0745, because it is cruel to kill squirrels, raccoons, chipmunks and other fluffy rodents – we believe they are to be caught and then released or repelled with the help of Motion Activated Sprinklers.

Now we face a worthy sample at the market of animal water repellents. Those who have already determined their enemy and are full of decision to win will like it very much. No doubt, you will like it too if you are as lazy as I am. It’s genuine and simple.

Unpack Havahart Animal Sprinkler, position the sensor as necessary depending upon the expected pest, “dig in” the device by a pressing motion of one leg, connect a hose, and forget about pests as well as the existence of the repellent itself. If we are to compare the principle of its work with fire-arms, this mechanism resembles more a machine-gun than a rifle. Once it has noticed the enemy, it covers the territory of rather large radius very fast and powerfully, so even a very quick animal will be covered.

But the device has its cons. First, the number of functions is small. For the price of (slightly less than that of the preceding model Orbit 62100 Sprinkler) we get the product with much more limited functionality. Second, the material used to make the case of the device is plastic, this shortens the service life of the device.   

We have read positive comments of customers of this product as well as negative ones. As they say, “So many men – so many minds,” so we recommend to read all of the reviews, in order to be able to make a right choice.

Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler review

Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

The working principle of this first-class design sprinkler is the same that two other top models have: when the sprinkler senses the movement of an animal, it shoots towards it a thin, but very powerful, jet of water. An animal would memorize this negative experience and appear at this place no more.

Customers have noted that the device works on squirrels, raccoons, cats, dogs and especially deer – the latter bothering the owners of country houses rather often. Customers also recommend changing batteries more often to maintain a strong jet of water, or buying lithium rechargeable batteries.

In the opinion of many customers, the main advantage of this “big water gun” is its reliability and long duration: one device can serve for about 3 years, maybe even more if it were not for a harmful ultraviolet exposure. We recommend you to stick to humane ways of pesky rodents’ elimination and read more than 3000 reviews.

Contech Motion Activated Sprinkler special features:

  • Scarecrow can detect and spray animals at 1000 sq. ft. area all day and night.
  • A pin bearing a metal spray nozzle on its top is made of plastic what allows to transport and install it easily. Just insert a 9V battery, connect the sprinkler to a hose, push a 17-inch stake into ground to secure the unit, and set the adjustable sprinkler arc to cover the area you are going to protect.
  • A 9 v battery isn’t included into the complete set (necessary to purchase it separately).


Questions & Answers about Electronic Sprinkler

Does an electronic sprinkler work in darkness? Will it work in winter when there is snow everywhere?

Yes, it does work at night. Probably it will work even better, since in that time the temperature of air lowers and the sensor of motion would catch the warmth of an animal’s body more easily. Just make sure for the sensor to be positioned sufficiently low in order to be able to recognize even small beasts. As for winter: you won’t be able to use the device in cold season since it has to be linked up to a hose and water in it will be frozen at any rate.

How can I understand that it’s time to change batteries in an electronic sprinkler?

Periodically check the strength of water spurt: if it weakens, it’s time to change batteries.

May I use an electronic sprinkler not to repel animals but to water a lawn?

No, because the installed motion sensor doesn’t permit this. Look for what you need among usual devices intended to water lawns.

Does the sensor of motion in this device respond only to the appearance of an animal or a person as well?

This device responds to any warmth emitted either by an animal or a person. But you may customize a sprinkler as you need, choosing the required trajectory of action, then the water jet will not touch you. For example, don’t direct the device towards the paths you tend to go, and it will be ok.

How to mount the given device best?

Since the ground near the device would get wet, you can’t simply put it on the ground and go away. Here are some tips:

  1. If the ground is rather compact, dig the device into it for the depth of some inches. It will be enough for it to stand firmly.
  2. If the ground is soft, take a flower pot (sufficiently big) and locate the device into. Place dirt or gravel inside the pot.
  3. Check if there are no leaks, otherwise you may get another pest problem — mosquitoes.

How sensitive is the detector of motion? Can the rustle of leaves impact on it?

It is quite possible if the wind is strong and the trees are near. Don’t locate it near trees to avoid such situations.

How long is the service life of batteries?

It depends on the activities of animals in your garden. Of course, if there are hordes of fur-bearing hooligans there, the batteries will last only for some weeks. However, if the activities are moderate and useless water “shots” are minimal, the batteries will be sufficient for 3-4 months of permanent work.  Buy more powerful batteries and sleep well!

Make a conclusion!

In the end, here is a comparative table which can help you to make up your mind.

Motion Activated Sprinklers Comparison Chart

Orbit 62100

Orbit 62100

Havahart 5266

Havahart 5266

Contech CRO101

Contech CRO101

Maximum Detection Range40 feet35 feet35 feet
Maximum Spray Distance35 feet35 feet35 feet
Detection Modesay only, night only, always, off
Power Source4 AA Batteries4 AA Batteries9V battery

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  1. The scarecrow works flawlessly until it starts to leak, when it does this it softens the soil and I can no longer keep it straight. I have purchased 4 scarecrows and my last one has started to leak up near the head now. I cannot find washers the size used in the scarecrow

  2. Purchased 2 Contech equivalents. They worked for about a week, then quit. Could not get them to notice an invader… waste of time and money.

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